Courtney Leaning Toward Running for the Senate?

In a brief interview with Eyewitness News today, Congressman Joe Courtney talked about a potential candidacy for the U.S. Senate.     WFSB Assignment Manager Dave Ward spoke to the 2nd District Congressman in Washington via satellite as Courtney was preparing to attend President Obama’s state of the union address.

Courtney talked about his accomplishments during his two terms in Congress, and said he wouldn’t be coy or wait too long to announce his decision on whether to seek the seat currently held by Senator Joe Lieberman.   Dave Ward’s take?   He thinks Courtney might be ready to take the plunge.

Some believe Courtney wouldn’t challenge his fellow delegation member Congressman Chris Murphy, but we are told other Democrats are urging Courtney to run, arguing the more moderate Courtney would be a stronger candidate in the general election than his colleague.      Courtney is also coming off an impressive re-election, taking 60% of the vote in November.     A booster of Courtney told me that performance alone shows Courtney deserves the opportunity to run and shouldn’t be pressured to sit on the sidelines.

Courtney also realizes if he doesn’t try for the senate now, he may never get the chance.    A poster on the blog myleftnutmeg.com who supports Murphy, says if elected,  Murphy could be in the senate for 30 to 40 years.

My take?  The more the merrier.  With the election 21 months away the voters will be better served by a wide array of candidates now.   If a few months from now Courtney or Murphy learn his campaign isn’t  taking off, there will still be plenty of time to run for re-election for their congressional seat.

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  1. So far, Congressman Courtney sounds like the best possible candidate from either Party. He has a solid voting record and really seems to want to make a positive difference. I would vote for him.


  2. Courtney won reelection because the Republicans preferred the status quo to real change. His GOP opponent couldn’t have won an election for dog catcher on a cat farm!

    2nd District Republicans are unimaginative and unresponsive. Perhaps they will develop a pulse by 2012.


  3. I beg you, TAKE him, PLEASE take Joe out of the second district!!!! The only thing better than Joe not running in the CT 2nd district is Joe running for the CT Senator seat and loosing. Everyone in CT wins under the second scenario, which is King Courtney not holding a seat in either House in DC.


  4. Great, another free spending, liberal, progressive to go along with a former know nothing Secretary of the State, and a wet behind the ears Congressman. Does anybody remember that Courtney is all for Cap and Trade…..Hello, that means your gas and home heating oil prices are going to sky rocket. Do you want to pay 5.00 a gallon for gas and home heating oil, then elect Joe Courtney, or for that matter any one of these DUMBOCRATS.


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