Jepsen Breaks from Blumenthal

For the first time in 20 years Connecticut has a new Attorney General.     George Jepsen has taken over for Richard Blumenthal, and many wonder what changes we’ll be seeing at 55 Elm.

During a taping of “Face the State,” the Stamford Democrat praised the job done by Blumenthal, who had been criticized by some for the amount of lawsuits he filed.    Jepsen told me all pending suits are now under review, but pointed out the office of Attorney General brings in more money than it spends.  

We’ll also be seeing less of the new Attorney General than the old one.  Unlike his predecessor, Jepsen says he will not be in front of television cameras nearly as frequently.    

When pressed about cases in which he disagreed with Blumenthal, Jepsen told me he never would have taken on the NFL, ESPN and Fox over the New York Giants game brouhaha last month. 

You can watch the entire interview with Attorney General Jepsen, right here:


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