Face the State Faces Face the Nation

The legendary Bob Schieffer has retired at the young age of 78.   The man who guided the venerable CBS News Sunday political show “Face the Nation” to the top of the ratings stepped down Sunday, after more than a half century at our parent network.

I spent some time with Bob back in 2010, when I was covering the retirement of Senator Chris Dodd.  We visited the Face the Nation studio and Washington to tape a special edition of Face the State there, and we interviewed Schieffer about his remarkable career.   The avuncular Schieffer and I also chatted about politics and his alma mater Texas Christian University, which at the time was going to join the Big East and play UConn.   That never happened.

By the way, Schieffer is a big fan of WFSB because ratings for Face the Nation in the Hartford New Haven market are some of their best in the  country.    Bob also agreed to lend his familiar voice to the open of Face the State, and we plan to keep using it long after he’s retired.  .

L-R    WFSB assignment manager Dave Ward, yours truly, the legend, WFSB photojournalist Brian Elba, and WFSB photojournalist Mike Fisher   December 2010  also read: https://dennishouse.tv/2010/01/31/bob-schieffer-new-voice-of-face-the-state/

Watch our flashback with Bob Schieffer right here:   http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11545628/celebrating-bob-schieffers-remarkable-career

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  1. These are great pictures. You look like a natural on the Face the Nation set, Dennis; perhaps a foreshadow of things to come one day? 🙂


  2. ince 1959 Oswald’s mother said he was working for U S. Intelligence.

    On 1/22 63 Bob Schiefer drove Marguerite from Fort Worth to Dllas nd, pent hours with her in a privte office at DD heaquarters.

    heiffer has NEVER told us what conversations he had ith oswald’s mother during all of hos hours.

    Scheiffer then became a highly paid representative oF CBS News. Along with Dan RATHER, WHO LIE HIS TEETH OUT THAT WEEK-END.


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