Campaign 2011 Underway: Attorney Kicks off Race for Hartford City Hall

The Governor’s race still may be unsettled, but campaign 2011 got underway earlier today.    Attorney Shawn Wooden filed the papers to become a candidate for mayor of Hartford in the election of 2011.     A formal campaign announcement is not expected until early next year.    

Wooden told me he has been encouraged for some time by many people to run.   The West End Democrat shared with me his primary reasons for running:  economic development and public safety.   It is no surprise development is one of Wooden’s top priorities.  From his law office at Day Pitney he has seen first hand the exodus of businesses and jobs from downtown lost during the Perez years.   

Last month, Wooden spoke to Mayor Pedro Segarra about his plans.   Segarra is still undecided about whether he will run.    J. Stan McCauley, who lost to Eddie Perez in 2007 as a Republican, has left his party and is running as a Democrat.  

The 41 year old Wooden is an alum of Trinity College and NYU Law.

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  1. Please note story from WFSB website October 5, 2009

    I have been an active candidate for Mayor for over a year and have been campaigning. Mr. Wooden is not the first to enter this race he is the 2nd.


    J. Stan McCauley

    HARTFORD, Conn. — J. Stan McCauley’s campaign said that it hoped to attract voters before they have committed to someone else in the run for mayor of Hartford.

    The campaign said that another reason McCauley is starting to campaign early is because he knows that he will not be able to spend a lot of money. Instead, he is looking to spend a lot of time connecting with the residents of Hartford.

    McCauley said that he wants a “clean sweep” of city hall and brought brooms with him to prove his point.

    A small crowd gathered on Monday afternoon on the steps of city hall to watch McCauley announce his candidacy and talk about his platform.

    McCauley said that he has been preparing for this campaign since 2007, when he ran for mayor as a Republican. Now, he is running as a Democrat.


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