State Rep. Fired by HPD

State representative Hector Robles has been fired by the Hartford Police Department.   The Democrat was under investigation for much of this year and accused of falsifying time cards at HPD. 

The Republican party and the Working Families Party chose not to challenge Robles for re-election this year, so he is on the ballot tomorrow unchallenged.

More on this breaking story tonight on Eyewitness News.

Here is the press release from HPD:

For Immediate Release:   November, 1  2010



(Hartford) After review of the Hearing Officer’s written findings in the Internal Affairs Investigation relative to Officer Hector Robles,  Hartford Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts has terminated Officer Hector Robles effective immediately.  In commenting on his decision to terminate Officer Hector Robles, Chief Daryl K. Roberts stated “This is a flagrant violation of our Code of Conduct and public trust and such behavior can not, and will not, be tolerated.”

Officer Hector Robles was found to be in violation of the following articles of the Hartford Police Department’s Code of Conduct by the assigned Hearing Officer:

  • Article I, Section 1.00 Conduct Unbecoming an Employee
  • Article II, Section 2.10 Knowingly or Willfully Making a False Entry in an Department Record
  • Article VI, Section 6.09 Intentional Failure to Comply with Lawful Orders, Procedures, Directives or regulations  Oral or Written.

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  1. I had thought they had fired him earlier during the year.

    With him being the only one on the ballot, what happens if he gets elected? This is so messed up! I thought the juror from the Stephen Hayes trial was bad enough trying to meet up with one of the Marshals. This tops that though.


  2. I’m glad you mentioned his involvement in politics, as other news sources failed to do so. His firing today is significant for more reasons than one.


    • Thanks, Kerrie. It is always disappointing when any candidate goes unchallenged. It will be interesting to see how any write-in canddates do.


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