Edith Prague: This is a Bunch of @$%&!

That’s what State Senator Edith Prague, Democrat of Columbia, said to Channel 3’s Kevin Hogan when he asked her about the Norwich Bulletin’s endorsement of her opponent.

Fortunately, Prague, who turns 85 this month, did not use an expletive during her interview with Kevin.

Here’s his report by clicking here.

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  1. Thankfully Ms Prague will be retired today by the voters of her district.

    I’ll miss her outrageous attacks on anyone that does not agree with her socialist view points.


  2. Nice hit job on Edith, WFSB. A few questions, though, for you “professional journalists.”

    1. How many other incumbents who did not get their local newspaper’s endorsement did WFSB profile in a 3-minute evening news broadcast? If no one else, why not??

    2. Why is Edith’s chronological age mentioned, but not her length of service in the legislature?

    3. Why wasn’t Sean Sullivan’s chronological age mentioned? He was only described as “retired.”

    4. Denise introduces Edith as the Senate’s “most senior” legislator — and yet two Republican senators have served longer than Edith. Why weren’t they mentioned? Should they have had news stories aired about them, too??

    All in all this story was an inexplicable political hit job on Edith prague by WFSB and its anchors and reporters just before the election. Very, very, very curious. And unprofessional.


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