A Fedex from Vince McMahon

When I arrived at work today I had a Fedex package from Vince McMahon of the WWE.  Inside a t-shirt, 2 hats, a headband, sweatbands, and this letter.

I am going to really miss this campaign season.

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    • Debra, If you read the letter from McMahon you will see the newsworthiness of the post. Also, the WWE apparel story has been in the news all week. Reporters from all over the state received the same thing I did. For the record, I have not worked for Fox News.


  1. Dennis

    I bet Debra would of been cool with the letter had it been from MSNBC, the huffington post, or some other liberal news agency.


  2. Surprised they didn’t send this fedex to every voter in CT! I mean if you are trying to buy your way into the Senate, might as well go all out!!


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