Brickley Studies O’Connor Playbook in Quest for Upset

The Wethersfield businesswoman seeking to become the first Republican since the 1950s to represent the 1st congressional district wasn’t surprised by the ctcapitolreport poll that showed her within 7 points of Democrat John Larson.
During a taping of Face the State,  Ann Brickley told me despite the decidely Democratic tilt, the high unemployment rate in the district has created a strong voting bloc of unhappy people demanding change.

Brickley disagrees with Larson’s assessment that the economy is getting better and blamed him for supporting policies she says have contributed to the joblessness.

Also during the taping, Brickley wouldn’t divulge details of what was said, but revealed to me she received some advice from former U.S. Attorney Kevin O’Connor. O’Connor ran against Larson in 1998, and lost after waging an impressive campaign and getting the endorsement of the Hartford Courant.   Brickley says there are lessons to be learned from O’Connor’s loss and the economic picture compared to ’98 makes the 1st district fertile ground for a  GOP upset.

You can watch the entire interview with Brickley this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State.

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  1. Ann Brickley is a solid conservative who will bring a fresh perspective to the economic mess we’re in. Electing the incumbent promises more of the same incompetence that got us in this mess.

    I’m asking unaffiliated voters to make a different choice this time. Try something new. If you don’t like it, it’s only two years until the next election. If you liked the job market in the 1990s, vote for Ann Brickley. She knows how to get the economy booming again. John Larson talks a lot but does not walk the walk!


  2. Palin is absolutely correct. Ann Brickley knows how to get things done. She understands everything concerning employment, unemployment, and how to get us dug out of the economic hole John Larson not only helped us get into, but keeps us there.

    How much more damage are we going to allow John Larson to cause before we get someone in there who knows what to do? Vote for ann Brickley!


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