Candidates to Campaign in the Kitchen

We’ve seen the candidates debate, stump, shake hands and star in commercials.  Next week you’ll see them cook.   

Senate candidate Linda McMahon and gubernatorial candidates Tom Foley and Dan Malloy have all agreed to appear on “Better Connecticut” next week, separately, of course.  After all, there are frying pans and knives within arm’s length!     One candidate will not appear.    Dick Blumenthal declined the invitation,  according to “Better” producer Melissa Dethlefsen, who told me the campaigns were given a choice of days to come on. 

 McMahon, Foley and Malloy will join Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun in the kitchen and show off their culinary skills while chatting about their lives and campaigns.   The menu is being determined and it may be the candidate’s favorite family recipe.    

It is also an opportunity for the candidates to reach the voting bloc of women, who make up the vast majority of “Better Connecticut” viewers.

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  1. We can call the AG the “artful dodger,” dodging a question about jobs from a man in the street and now skipping a cooking show. He is back under wraps again.

    The show should be a lot of fun. Malloy will probably cook up a scandal, Foley a little foreign intrigue and Linda a full scale culinary “foul” entre.

    Why do women get to have all the fun events? Scott and Kara will probably dish up some good cooking reparte.


  2. C’mon, Dick. Be a sport! I’m supporting Dick Blumenthal for US Senate, but wish he’d appear on Better Connecticut to show his human side. I’m not able to watch the show because of work, but think an appearance would be fun and maybe a nice, albeit brief, departure from the daily grind of the campaign. Did his campaign say why he wouldn’t/couldn’t appear?


  3. Obviously, Blumie has PTSD from his nonexistent Vietnam adventures. Kitchen knives remind him of Viet Kong bayonets and when he sees the burner light up, he ducks for cover…


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