Ex Dem. Chairman says boats will sink Foley & McMahon

For the first time since the 1990s, former state Republican party chairman Dick Foley and former state Democratic party chairman Ed Marcus got together during a taping of “Face the State” to debate politics.  They used to be frequent guests of Duby McDowell on “Face the State” when it was known as CT ’94, CT ’95 and so forth. 

The two talked about the senate, gubernatorial, and congressional races.   Marcus blasted Linda McMahon, and predicted Dick Blumenthal will go negative and defeat her easily, by a 10- 13 point margin.   

Foley blasted Blumenthal, and said the last minute decision makers will break for McMahon and she will win by 5-6 points.    He also said Jim Himes and Chris Murphy are in real trouble and Joe Courtney could be in trouble if  Janet Peckinpaugh starts to raise more money.

The highlight, or lowpoint (depending on your perspective) of the exchange was when Marcus  brought up the boats owned by gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley (no relation to Dick Foley) and McMahon.    Marcus argued the names those boats were given by their owners should be an issue for voters.*       We believe this to be the first time a certain word that rhymes with “witch” has been uttered on Face the State.     Marcus accused Foley and McMahon of buying their nominations like they bought boats.    The exchange between Foley and Marcus is entertaining to watch.  

Tune in this Sunday at 11 for Face the State.

*  the names of the boats were first reported here by Ken Dixon the Connecticut Post


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  1. The Gubernatorial campaign does suggest Malloy doing better, but I definitely wouldn’t call the Senate campaign over for the GOP by any means. The GOP has a great chance of grabbing this seat from the Dems.


  2. It is clear to just about any disinterested observer that the Republicans in CT will make gains this year. Exactly which offices are still unclear and subject to much speculation and spin.


  3. Accountability Autumn Follows “Recovery” Summer

    We are at the end of Recovery Summer and beginning of Accountability Autumn. Our incumbent congressman, Jim Himes, is running for re-election in a tough economic and political climate for incumbents with his voting record. Across the country, incumbents such as Himes are downplaying their votes for the stimulus, Obamacare, and record deficits. While Congressman Himes may be vulnerable this year, the 2010 election may also be a great opportunity for him if he is able to survive. That is because 2010 will be as bad as it gets for Himes in terms of accountability. If he can get a majority of voters to accept the status quo, then he will be practically invulnerable in future elections. Generally, incumbents face their toughest re-election battle after their freshman term. In this case, Himes’ first term ends amidst 10% unemployment and two out of three voters in his district under the belief that Washington is on the wrong track. If he can overcome those odds, then he can do anything –- set aside his campaign season moderation and vote how he pleases in the future. If Himes can win this election, then Accountability Autumn may become as big a failure as Recovery Summer. So the question before the voters is whether or not the status quo is good enough? Because there may not be another chance at an Accountability Autumn like this one.


  4. A lot has been made of buying the election. Foley and McMahon are both business leaders with low recognition before the campaign. Malloy and Blumy are career politicians who have been in the spotlight for years. If Foley and McMahon did not spend the money, who would know them? They’re battling years of Blumy getting in every paper he can and Malloy being a mayor and getting the same recognition. There is no way Foley and MCMahon could get known without spending money. They’re not buying a election, they’re buying recogniition and fighting a poitical Democrat machine. Blumy has been a dsgrace as an AG suing businessess,putting some under and contributing to CTs ranking at the bottom of any business friendly survey. Malloy is backed by the unions who he will never ask to reduce their demands. High taxes, no cuts, and more out of control spending with Blumy and Malloy.


  5. Has politics really sunk (no pun intended) to the point that the name of a boat has weight in a major political race?

    People, we are facing serious issues in CT. Our state legislature has virtually bankrupted us and continues to force through unrealistic spending packages on unnecessary programs. More of the same old career politicians’ spendthrift solutions are not going to resolve anything. McMahon and Foley have the business acumen and an excellent understanding of the business community which can ehlp them to put us back in the black and bring businesses to CT.

    I, for one, am tired of the government taking our money and freedom without justification and skirting the law. Then the government states we aren’t smart enough to manage our own lives and it must come into our bedrooms to make decisions for us. That is wrong.

    We the voters of Connecticut are well-versed in the issues. If Democrats continue offering the same failed solutions of the past, then those solutions will provide only the same failed solutions for tomorrow. We don’t have enough tomorrows left to risk electing more Democrats, esp. one who lied about his service IN Vietnam, which I find disgusting in itself.

    McMahon and Foley offer us real hope. As far as campaign spending goes… Thank you Linda and Tom for spending the money you earned on your campaigns and NOT the dollars of over-taxed Connecticut residents. If we added up the free time the incumbents have in the press and added that the total they spend on their campaigns, the numbers would look a lot different. McMahon and Foley are leveling the playing field and we owe them a debt of gratitude that they are willing to serve the people at their own expense. Together they offer CT a chance to once again have a top educational system, companies wanting to enter the state to do business and citizens a place they can afford to live and retire in. I hope readers recognize the reality and vote for them on November 2. We need real change and that is what Linda and Tom are offering us.


  6. If we keep continue to keep electing tax and spend Democrats to State government, we will never get out of this economic pit these guys keep leaving us on. WAKE UP CT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. It’s funny how Marcus puts all the blame Rell, but yet he fails to mention both the Senate and Legislature are strongly Democratic. Mr. Marcus look no further than your own party. It’s you guys that destroying this State.


  8. Mr. Marcus sounds like a guy in a submerged dinghy aiming a daisy BB gun at an aircraft carrier. Had Mr. Marcus taken Art History 101 he would know that Auguste Renoir’s “Odalisque” hangs in the National Gallery of Art in D. C. Henri Matisse’s,” Odlaisques ” sold for $15 mill. Dozens of great masters have titled their works, Odalisque.
    The democrats loose when they debate unsustainable spending that is bankrupting Ct. Their 2000 page unread Obamacare has nothing to do with health-care. Do you really want kathleen Sebellious (HHS), Dr. Donald Berwick, and someone as repugnant as John Larson in the exam room with you and your physician dictating to your physician what they are allowed to do?
    Ken Kraeske was touting the merits of Headstart programs. Research proves that by 3rd grade there are no discernable differences in ability to achieve. The best way to learn a language is through immersion, yet like Headstart taxpayers are forced to pay for ESOL programs. Americans are against ruling by edict and ,”cradle to grave” legislation that Mr. krayeske spoke so fondly of.
    Face the State should be extended to 60 minutes especially in an election year.


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