Glassman supports Lamont on Debates; Status Quo in Legislature


Ned Lamont’s running mate Mary Glassman was the loyal, dutiful running mate on “Face the State” this weekend as she supported Lamont’s decision to turn down the biggest television debate of the primary season.      The debate is a joint television radio production between WNPR, CPTV, and WFSB.     

Glassman also supports Lamont in keeping the status quo at the state legislature, essentially saying all the state needs is a new governor (and lt. governor.)    Lamont raised some eyebrows earlier this year when he said Senate President Donald Williams and House Speaker should remain in power despite their roles in the state budget crisis.    They controlled a supermajority that could have helped them pass any budget they wanted, and made Governor Rell irrelevant.      I asked Glassman a question many have wondered,   how the state can really have a fresh start with the same legislative leadership.    There are some who have argued the endorsing the re-election of Williams and Donovan runs contrary to Lamont’s message of change. 

Glassman also talked about her record in Simsbury and I asked her about one of the issues raised in her race for First Selectman last year:  her political future.   After running for lieutenant governor in ’06, there was tremendous speculation Glassman would once again run for higher office in ’10.    Her Republican opponent, Darren Cunningham,  asked Glassman to sign a pledge that if re-elected as First Selectman she would complete her term.  Glassman refused.

Glassman certainly wasn’t the first politician to refuse to agree to such a pledge;  it is not uncommon in politics for ambition to trump commitment.    But,  because there is such a small government in Simsbury and the position of First Selectman is such a critical  job there, I’m told the pledge to serve the taxpayers of Simsbury carried more weight.   

As we reported before, Glassman was easily re-elected and then  sworn in to a new term on December 7th.    Eight days later, the website maryforct.com was created, intended for her campaign for governor, which of course, never got off the ground.  

Critics will say it was Glassman’s plan all along to run for higher office and that she mislead the voters of Simbury.   However, on Face the State, Glassman insisted she was not thinking of running run for Governor on the day she took the oath of office.   

Here is the interview with Glassman :


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  1. Yeah lets keep the status qua of raising taxes and burdensome regulations. Seriously why would anybody vote for these two fools?


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