Ominous Obama Signs for Courtney, Murphy and Himes

Buried in last week’s Quinnipiac University poll were President Obama’s approval ratings in Connecticut.  They have been in a steady decline for the past year, from 71 % in April 2009 to 50 % this month.       It was 55 %  in January.  Should the trend continue, the President’s approval ratings will undoubtedly be in the 40s come the November election, hardly good news for Democrats trying to get re-elected.   The sub- 50%  area is a murky danger zone no politician wants to be in. 

According to QU polling guru Doug Schwartz , the poll also looked at the President’s approval ratings in each congressional district.    They are only above 50 % in two districts, the 1st and the 3rd, held by John Larson and Rosa DeLauro.  

The real concern is the 2nd, where  Joe Courtney was swept into office after he successfully linked Rob Simmons to an unpopular President Bush.   President Obama’s approval rating in the 2nd is only 46%.     Will the Republicans try to link Courtney to an increasingly unpopular President?  You can bet on it.

The President has also dipped below the 50% mark in the 4th and 5th congressional districts, held by Jim Himes and Chris Murphy.      Himes seems well aware of the President’s 48% approval rating in his district, and has already begun to distance himself from the White House and the Democratic leadership.   

Not so for Murphy, who is known to have a close working relationship with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, leader of a congress with abysmal approval ratings.     The QU poll found the President’s  approval ratings in Murphy’s district at 49%.

Something tells me we may not be seeing President Obama campaigning here in the fall, but we’ll certainly be seeing him in Republican television ads.

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  1. as a 47yr old the last say 10yrs i’ve been following the game a little closer and as obama’s ratings in the beginning were good, and mind you i did not vote for him. it seems the longer he is in office they go down as a ball rolls down hill. so to the question ?
    you may not be asking the right question to me the question should be why would any political body or persons want to side him or herself with a losing battle. just look what happen with the bp incident, what a major malfunction that was no ti would not be good to be with the pres right now


  2. Courtney, Murphy, Himes (and don’t forget DeLauo and Larson) are all responsible for the revolutionary legislation rushed through the house of representatives. CT voters did not want Obamcare (or Sustinet on the state level) but they jammed it down our throats. CT voters did not want the finance regulatory bill Senator Dodd and Barney Frank forced through either…Fannie and Freddie are excluded from all of this massive regulation that just gets pilled on top of the existing regulations. CT voters do not want unemployment benefits extended, extended again and then extended another time….it’s now another wellfare program.

    ‘We the People’ have HAD ENOUGHT and all CT incumbents will hear us at the ballot box on Aug 10 and Nov 2.

    This ruling class will be voted out of office.


    • to the fuzzychicken i totally agree with your trend of thought , if you work in CT your vote don’t even count
      if your on welfare then the politicans start to listen because that’s the vote they all care about!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. This state is so messed up. The polls indicate the voters will go with Bluemy, rated worst AG in the country, a Dem for gov, even though both of them are beholden to the unions, and the voters will re-elect Dem congressmen and legislatures even though they have run this state into the ground with taxes and anti-business practices. The voters don’t learn. The Dems have done a great disservice to the state by taking it for granted.


  4. This might matter if any of these were open seats, but because they aren’t the GOP hasn’t put any A-Level talent into the CD’s. The incumbent $$ advantage is unsurmountable; consider Janet Peckinpaugh’s fundraising totals, she’s a supposedly, albeit former, local celeb. Chris Murphy can defend himself – he’s as professional as they come and has been diligent in his service to constituents; Joe Courtney doesn’t have any opponent with any backing from the NRCC, and the State GOP is so focused on Dick Blumenthal that they probably forgot where the 2nd CD is…..Debicella actually has a few bucks but Himes will win by 5%. It will probably be the tightest race but Stamford / Greenwich GOP voters are as freaked out by Tea Partiers as Martha Dean is by evolution.


  5. @Walter … you seem freaked out. Voters are looking for candidates that will support limited government, free markets and fiscal responsibility. In other words stand by our Constituion…nothing to fear with that unless you no longer choose to be a free nation.


  6. Connecticut wake up!!!!! If we continue to elect Democrats everywhere in State government, we will remain a economic disaster for years to come. Even true blue Massachusetts has woken up!!! We need to cut taxes and become more busy friendlier.


  7. This year we will find out if the voters are waking up. The mass migration of businesses and people out of Connecticut will speed up if the Dems win again.
    Connecticut was once a good place to do business. Where did it go astray?


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