Weicker’s July 4th Fireworks

Former governor and senator Lowell Weicker is our guest this Sunday, the 4th of July and it is one interesting show.    Weicker talks about the following:

Linda McMahon and the WWE

Dick Blumenthal and the Vietnam Controversy

Ned Lamont

Dan Malloy

Senator  Dodd

Governor Rell

Former Governor Rowland

Ted Kennedy, Jr.


Tune in Sunday at 11am, or set you DVR or Tivo now.

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  1. I have always liked Weicker and was proud to have voted for him. I am stunned that he thinks Linda McMahon (although he was clear to not “endorse” her) was better than Blumenthal because of his misspeaking of the Vietnam war experience. Let’s look at records-compare Dick Blumenthal’s last 20 years and look at Mcmahon’s last 20 years. Who has done better for the citizens of CT?
    Give me a break! As far as the governor’s race, to think that Ned Lamont would be better because he stood up to Lieberman is ludicrous. Let’s look at who has experience and solid ideas and doesn’t only give us rhetoric-Dan Malloy!


  2. Governor Weicker may have had his unpopular moments, but he did what he thought was best. As far as I am concerned, history has shown him to be right on. With no disrespect meant, I feel that his talents are wasted on the WWE board. Although he is entitled to vanish off the scene, we are at a time in Connecticut’s/our country’s history when we need his talents and abilities in some capacity. Like Ben Franklin, he has some answers that the younger generation of politicians need to hear. He is right when he says that todays politicians put the party first and the state/country a distant second. Please, more Weicker interviews. Maybe someone will listen/care about the future of our state and our grandkids. PS, Michael Steel’s job is up for grabs.


  3. Lowell Weicker admitted he sits on the Board of the WWE, offering an unparalleled opportunity ask about the WWE policy visa-vis their employees. Last week there were no questions of Linda regarding their labor policies, pension policy, health care, and job security. As long as Linda McMahon touts her turning the WWE around, listeners deserve to know how. As for me, abandoning worker rights is not the way to rebuild Connecticut’s economy.


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