What a sad newscast.

Last night’s 11PM news was a depressing broadcast, full of stories of men behaving badly…I mean really badly. 

Imagine for a moment if we brought together all the men who appeared in these stories  last night.   We could put the 7 of them in a circle and go around and ask each one why he was on the news.

Picture someone along the lines of Oprah, coordinating a roundtable discussion with these guys.

Oprah-    Let’s being with you: 

“I confessed to viciously murdering my pregnant girlfriend and then when her grandmother tried to stop me, I stabbed her to death, too.     Did I mention I was on crack and percocet.”


“I kidnapped a woman from a convenience store and then beat her up and raped her.”

What about you?

“I’m under arrest for the murder of a woman 13 years ago.  Police say I  strangled her and left her on a street. ”

What’s your story?  

“I’m accused of trying to trade my baby daughter  for cocaine.” 

How about you, sir?

“I’m charged with shooting and killing 13 people.”   

Let’s move along, you’re next.

“I am accused of pushing my wife in front of our children and being abusive.   I was told not to call her, but police say I did so they arrested me again, and then a third time before the weekend was out.”

Whew…you’re our final one. Sir, go ahead.

“I threatened to kill my wife, the mother of my children…and put a knife to her.  Years ago, I accidentally shot an ex-fiancee.    I just hope none of this affects the millions of dollars I hope to make in syndication from “Two and a Half Men.”

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  1. There are so many times in which I get nervous to watch the news. I still can’t believe about the man who had gotten arrested three times in one weekend! Why, didn’t the police just keep him there? He isn’t going to leave his wife alone until some thing else happens to her. Yes, it was nice the police came out three times to arrest him, but to me that is two too many times!

    The man who tried to sell his three month old baby for cocaine? He should somehow be banned from being near/living with/taking care of any child.

    The man who murdered his pregnant girlfriend and her grandmother should be charged with three counts of murder and never let out of prison! Even if they claim he has done ‘good behavior’. I’m sorry, even though he was on percocet and crack. I’ve been on percocet and not once did I have any thoughts of killing anybody.

    As for the idiot (trying to keep it clean here), who threatened to kill his wife in front of their children, again another jerk who should go to jail and not be let out.

    The man that kidnapped and raped the woman from the convience store, well I’d first have something removed from his body without any anesthia!

    The man that was arrested in the cold case file, I’m trying to figure out why the person who ‘all of a sudden remembered’ what happened all these years? What is up with that?

    I know that I wish all of these men should go to prison, but then we are ‘paying’ for them to be there. It still doesn’t feel right that we would need to pay for these idiots to be in jail. How is that right? Why should we need to pay for the to live what could be a long life? We can’t leave them out in society for then to do more damage. It seems it’s just a run around that is going to happen and more women will be either raped or killed, kids will be sold for drugs.

    I think the only thing I liked about your newscast last night is how the color of your tie was the same color as your shirt!


    • To respond to you question about how someone can get arrested 3 times in one weekend.

      We can not put all the blame on the cops. A lot of the blame needs to be on the Judges that sit on the bench. If the bond is high enough then they are not able to make bond and get out to commit the same crime.

      Next time you go to vote Check out what Judge is up for re-election, and maybe you might want to cast a vote to vote them off the bench. I noticed that one year in Enfield a judge that was up for re-election and he was un challenged, so he wins.

      Who know this better then someone like me that worked for the Department of Corrections for many years and had to baby sit people like this.

      Just some food for thought! Thanks Dennis for keeping us informed.


  2. I think it was muckraker Lincoln Steffens who wrote that he could create a “crime wave” anytime he wanted by simply writing about all the crimes that normally occur in a large city during the course of a month. Steffens also said that he could also end the “crime wave” by not writing about them.

    The lesson is that you shouldn’t worry that the end of Western civilization is upon us quite yet. The news that Dennis reports every night is simply the “news” that his producers have made the editorial decision to fill their newscast with. Just because all those stories got reported in one night, doesn’t mean there was a sudden uptick in violence in the greater Hartford area.

    And make sure to keep in mind the age old journalism adage: It if bleeds, it leads!


  3. The sad thing about these news stories did happen at the same time! It was on all the news, not just what Dennis reported. At least it was ‘real’ news, not the ‘fluff’ such as Lindsey Lohan missing her court apperance or that she doesn’t like the idea she has to wear the bracelet on her leg.
    There could have been more news that night, with information from other towns, other states, other countries.
    It is a sad thought, that this is the world we live in.
    Dennis, thank you for letting us know what is going on.


  4. Yes, that was a bad night for the news. I don’t know what is wrong with some people, and that is one of the reasons that I decided to get out of the Department of Corrections after almost 10 years.

    I got so sick and tired of seeing this stuff on the news and knowing that the next day I had to go to work and baby sit some of the same people that you are talking about here in your blogg.

    My hat goes off to my fellow Correctional Officers that are able to put up with it for 20 years or more.


  5. Michael,

    I know men who work in the Correctional Departments in CT and NY. Yes, they do ‘babysit’ these people. Yes, it’s true that the judges a lot of times do not set bond high enough for some people so that they aren’t let out and then commit the same type of problem again and again, until unfortunatly the women they are after will get hurt or killed by them.

    I have seen how at times as I’m sure you have when people have broken the restrictions that are placed on them.

    Yes, at times it’s the judges fault, at times it’s lawyers fault for not charging them with the correct crime. Or the judges feel there isn’t any more room for another person to go to jail. They may feel it is a small problem, when it is the difference between life or death of somebody.

    Thank you Michael for doing what you had done. I’m sure there were many times in which you questioned yourself was it worth being there, even putting your own life on the line at times. I hope that you aren’t haunted by the years you worked for the Department of Corrections.


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