Absolutely Preposterous

That’s what Denise and I thought as we watched in amazement Len Besthoff’s report on State University system chancellor David Carter.    You can see it here, and as you watch keep in mind he is on the state payroll to the tune of nearly $387,000 a year.   http://www.wfsb.com/video/23686770/index.html

Also Rick Green of the Courant called it a “trainwreck.”    Read his take here:  http://blogs.courant.com/rick_green/2010/05/connecticuts-embarrassing-high.html

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  1. You guys there do a wonderful job exposing some of the wrong doing. You are right what a joke and he needs to be fired. No wonder the state has such a major defict and students can’t afford to go to college.

    All the money is going to pay 2 Presidents of the college,and then they get up there and can’t answer the questions and have to have some else write out what to say.


  2. I want to make sure that I understood, that this so called Chancelor of a University, needed to have somebody ‘give’ him the answers? Isn’t that like ‘cheating’ off of somebody else’s paper? I mean maybe his brain was still asleep?

    I admit, I’m not a college graduate, but, uhm, I’ve never had anybody who wrote any answers for me for anything. If I didn’t have an answer, I would find out what it was. For him to have to his lawyer give him the answers and for him to say that he knew about lawsuits? I’m sorry, but somebody should sue him for not doing his job.


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