Peckinpaugh to announce run for Congress Tuesday at the State Capitol


Just when you thought Campaign 2010 couldn’t get any more interesting, former WFSB anchor Janet Peckinpaugh is now running for congress.   Kevin Rennie broke the story http://www.dailyructions.com/shes-in/     

Peckinpaugh worked at Channel 3  in the 1980s and 90s, coming to us from WTNH.  She later worked at WVIT.  Since then she created a public relations firm and recently appeared in commercials.

Peckinpaugh brings something to the table many politicians dream of:  name recognition.   That familiarity with voters could turn the race for the 2nd district into a horse race.

I worked with Janet for roughly three years, and we were paired to co-anchor the 5PM and 6PM newscasts in 1994.    I am looking forward to when she appears on “Face the State”  (as all candidates do) to talk politics.   

When Janet is our “Face the State” guest, it will be a first for me.  I’ve never had a co-anchor run for office, although I have interviewed former co-anchors Gayle King and Mika Brzezinski after they left Channel 3.   I also interviewed former Eyewitness News reporter Jim Vicevich.   All of them handled the interviews well because they had television experience.    Janet has years of experience in front of the camera….asking the questions,  now she will be on other side answering them.   

A campaign kickoff is scheduled for next Tuesday at 11AM the State Capitol.   Another announcement is set for that afternoon in Essex, where Peckinpaugh lives.  Her son Alex will be home from Harvard to stand by his mother’s side.


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  1. “Ripped Off” –

    – How would anything she did commercially be different than attacking an attorney due the actions of his clients?


    • ACR,
      An attorney rarely, if ever, conceals the fact that they are representing the interests of their client. By contrast, the Lend America commercials that Peckinpaugh was paid to appear in were intentionally designed to appear as an objective “Breaking News” program. In fact, the very reason Lend America likely recruited Peckinpaugh was to give the commercial an air of authenticity, drawing on the same local newscaster credibility that she would undoubtedly draw on for a political run. It is apparent by the commercial’s very design that it was meant to target people too ignorant or too blinded by desperation to see through the subterfuge.

      Moreover, attorneys are at least bound by a strict code of ethics in the representation of their clients. For instance, under Rule 8.4 of the Professional Rules of Conduct, an attorney is prohibited from engaging in “conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.” Consequently, were Peckinpaugh an attorney, it is arguable whether or not she would have been guilty of professional misconduct for appearing in a commercial that quite intentionally misrepresents itself as a news program (small print “Advertisement” disclaimer aside).

      Finally, I disagree with you that attorneys who choose to run for public office aren’t held accountable for the clients or causes they supported in their capacity as an attorney. John Edwards was frequently referred to, derisively, as a “trial lawyer.” Dick Blumenthal is currently being taken to task by several conservative commentators for lawsuits that he has and has not pursued. Brian Leslie was forced to rescind his nomination for the Superior Court due to his involvement in the malicious prosecution of a doctor. Should Ross Garber decide to run for Attorney General, there is little doubt that at least a handful of people would raise the specter of his representation of John Rowland.

      The bottom line is that any fool could have recognized the sleaziness of a company asking them to appear in a commercial touting the fact that “no minimum credit score [was] required” in order for viewers to get a home loan. Maybe Janet will claim ignorance… that she just didn’t realize that Lend America was such a morally bankrupt company. Maybe you’ll accept that. Not me. I for one don’t want a person that stupid to represent me in Congress.


  2. Daria Novak is opening a 2,000 sq ft. headquarters directly across from Mystic Aquarium on Tuesday, May 11 in a big public ceremony from 5pm – 7pm. She’s welcoming all voters. Novak has over 400 volunteers, a lot of support among unaffiliated and even Democrat voters and has been campaigning for 14 months all over the district.

    NRCC in February said she has one of the most organized and in-depth Congressional campaigns in the entire United States this season! The people absolutely love Daria. She’s highly intelligent, down-to-earth, dedicated and the best choice in 2010. She’s not a talking head. She has been out there starting a small business and getting things done.

    The CT State Republican Party ought to take notice that we the people are aware of who they are trying to push on us. Eastern Ct and the rest of the state are not happy with Chris Healy or State Central for this latest scheme to derail Novak’s campaign. They ought to be looking for candidates to fill the dozen upon dozen of state level seats that Republicans are not contesting, instead of hurting the best chance we have against Courtney. Peckinpaugh has no political experience and a dark cloud over her ethical behavior.
    She’s a light weight with Dodd and mortgage industry connections. We don’t want more of the same old-same old. We want a principled candidate who will be effective in Washington and there is only one running. Look at her website at wwwNovakforcongress.com and join her. don’t let the machine politicians win and take away our voice!


  3. Lend America collapsed without a lot of forewarning; probably less than Enron.

    Somehow a paid spokesman hired substantially prior to that should have somehow “known”?

    Odd; I don’t recall ever hearing that a Ouija Board was required for public office.


    • ACR,
      The commercials began appearing well after the subprime crisis had been exposed for what it was. The no credit check required thing would have raised red flags for anyone. And hawking any product using faux news commercials, let alone one asking people to take out thousands of dollars in loans, is kind of sleazy no matter how you slice it.

      Also ACR, if at any point she invokes the credibility she earned as a real newscaster as a credential for public office, wouldn’t you agree that it is only fair that she be held to account for financial products she has used that same credibility to sell? I only ask because this is a near certainty.


  4. I would expect the average voter to know a red herring when they see it.

    That the here and elsewhere on the `net the only negative I keep running across regarding Peckinpaugh seems to be this commercial she was paid to do.

    WTIC 1080’s morning drive time guy, Ray Dunaway has some deal with AT&T that I suspect includes some time swap-out (radio is famous for that) so he probably has free phones or some other attractive arrangement.
    Having done business with AT&T I’m completely convinced they’re pond scum and can’t imagine circumstances where they would ever see a single cent of mine again.

    Should I distrust Dunaway due to his business arrangement that he apparently finds agreeable?


    • (1) Ray Dunaway isn’t running for Congress. If he was, then products that he had endorsed would be fair game.
      (2) However despicable AT&T is, convincing someone to purchase a phone plan is a lot different from convincing someone to trade in the equity on their house.


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