Any Photographers Available to Take New Picture of Hartford?

Here we go again.  Another commercial showing a dated photograph of your capital city.

An astute viewer brought this to my attention.     It is a clip from a Ned Lamont commercial showing an aerial shot of Hartford.   The casual viewer will instantly recognize the landmarks like CityPlace (Connecticut’s tallest skyscraper,) and the iconic Travelers Tower and the Civic Center Mall.  The mall?  Huh? 

I don’t know for sure how old this picture is, but my guess it was taken in 2004.    The mall was demolished in 2005.     Look closely and you will see there is no Hartford 21, no Science Center, and no Marriott.  The Connecticut Convention Center appears to be under construction.  Groundbreaking for that was held in 2003.   

This is the second time in the past few months a commercial has aired showing an old picture of the Hartford skyline.    The other commercial was even worse, showing a picture that dated back to 2001. 

Here at Eyewitness News, we, too have video and pictures of Hartford from 2001 and 2004.    They are in our archives.   Guess what we do if we need an image of the city for something current, like for right now in 2010 ?  

We go out a and shoot some new video or take a new picture.     Maybe more people need to do that.

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  1. Trumbull on the Park has not yet been built in that photo. Also, the small building immediately over the word “says” has been since been demolished, for parking of course. I really hate skyline photos, its just lazy. Take a photo from the ground, we need to build the state from street-level up. I should run a campaign.


  2. What’s a bit sad about it all too is Hartford actually has a nice little skyline. When I lived down in Fairfield County, that was one of the things that irked me about Stamford… just a completely blah and generic looking city from I-95 (except for the Swiss Bank building which is quite cool).


  3. Not sure which is worse, that the campaign was too lazy to procure a more recent photograph or thought we were too stupid to notice. Either way it doesn’t demonstrate much pride in their work or in our state.


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