This Week on Face the State

This Sunday we are joined by the 2006 Democratic nominee for Governor, John DeStefano, Mayor of New Haven.  DeStefano talks about this year’s race, his changing city, education reforms, Sunday liquor sales and why he was absent at the groundbreaking for Gateway Community College, hosted by Governor Rell.

Also, we talk about the way state government spends your money.  Why did the Department of Correction spend $600 to hire a clown?  Fergus Cullen of the Yankee Institute for Public Policy has the questionable expenditures on his new website www.ctsunlight.org

See you Sunday

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  1. Excellent show this morning. I enjoyed Mayor DeStefano’s interview and vision for CT and New Haven. I was also impressed by Fergus Cullen’s revelation. It is no surprise to me that CT employees are well paid and in many cases it is deserved. Nevertheless, it is our responsibility to make the agencies accountable to these expenditures. We elect and hire people for that purpose. Where are they and what are they doing?


  2. Dennis,

    Your interview with Mr. Cullen was extremely interesting. I think I know one of those who collect a six figure pension. My real interest was in the $607.00 spent by the Department of Veterans Affairs. I think that if you contacted Commissioner Schwartz you would find out that the books are for the patients at the Veterans’ Home in Rocky Hill and that the books are disseminated to any patient that wants to visit their library and check it out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had group discussions as part of their therapy.

    Keep up the good work.

    Michael J. Fox


  3. Dennis,

    I enjoy your show each Sunday and look forward to the next. I was disapointed with Mayor John DeStefano’s comments about his unwillingness to support a Republican plan to help the states situation. This is exactly the reason for the gridlock in politics. He couldn’t even look up when answering your question. This is too bad as I think he is a great mayor and could be an excellent Governor.


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