Blumenthal on Face the State

The newest candidate in the race for the U.S. Senate is our guest this week on “Face the State.”   Attorney General Richard Blumenthal entered the race at 2:30PM on Wednesday and within 24 hours two polls christened him the frontrunner. 

Everybody knows Blumenthal has wanted to be a senator for years,  patiently waiting for a seat to open up.     I asked him today if he had hired a campaign manager, then jokingly said…”Never mind, I forgot you’ve had one on retainer since 1996.” 

Blumenthal was relaxed on the Face the State set, which is no surprise since he appears on camera more than some of our reporters.     He was surprised by our guest reporters, Ted Mann of the New London Day and Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer.  Blumenthal knew there would be a reporter panel, as all the senate and gubernatorial candidates face, he just didn’t know who.

Why?  When the attorney general agreed to come on he didn’t ask who else would be asking the questions.     He was prepared for whoever was here, but I should point out most candidates ask about the reporters beforehand. 

Anyway, I’ve interviewed Blumenthal many times, and even though he has told me to call him “Dick,” I just can’t.  It is Mr. Blumenthal or General Blumenthal in professional settings.

During the taping of “Face the State” we asked Blumenthal to spell out the difference between him and Senator Dodd, and we asked him about  foreign affairs, health care, his opponents and other topics.     Also this Sunday, Blumenthal disagrees with the Obama administration and senate and house leaders on a major issue.      

I will say he agreed to debate the other Democrat in the race, former Air Force  officer Merrick Alpert.

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