A Dad Update

I’ve been asked many times recently why I haven’t blogged about my son, born September 1st.   After all, I was reminded, I did blog about my daughter.  Whoops!

Anyway, Julian is doing great, although he doesn’t sleep as much as Helena did at her age.  He is up every three to four hours, and we might get a stretch of 5-6 hours, but that is rare.  So yes, Kara and I are sleep deprived.    Helena sleeps no later than 7:30PM, and we are usually up before she is.  Julian is especially fond of eating at about 3:30AM, and if he wakes up anytime after 5AM, he is up for the day…and that means so is Kara or me or both!

It’s all good, though.  We feel very blessed.  Thanks for asking.

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  1. You all are a very cute family!! You all look great with the smiles and as somebody told you last week, when you and Kara are reporting at the same time, you look great!!


  2. Hi Kara & Dennis!
    You have a beautiful family! My dad seved on the Helena tou could not have picked a more beautiful and Patriotic name for Helena and Julian is a great name to! I have been a fan of both of you since you joined channel 3!! Take Care!
    Dave Birden


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