Rob Simmons on Face the State


This Sunday on Face the State we interview the first person to announce he is running against embattled Senator Chris Dodd.  Former Congressman Rob Simmons lost to Joe Courtney in 2006 by only 83 votes, and is bouyed by a new poll that shows him a point ahead of Dodd.

Simmons talks about why he is running, why voters should turn away from a senator they have elected five times, and whether former President George Bush will campaign for him.

All this Sunday on Face the State.   Please leave your comments and don’t forget your last name and your town.

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  1. I think Simmons would make a great addition to the US Senate. He was very articulate and to the point.


  2. I agree, I believe that Mr. Simmons would make a welcome addition to the Senate.

    Mr. Dodd has spent long enough at the public trough, feeding his own interests at the expense of all Americans, while not representing the interests of his constituents.

    I recently contact both of our Senator’s offices to politely voice my concern with the confirmation of David Ogden as Deputy Attorney General.

    I received a prompt written response from Senator Lieberman’s office. He took the time to thank me, and asked me to continue to voice my opinions, while explaining that he differed with my POV, and why he did.

    I am not suprised by the fact that Senator Dodd didn’t feel the need to respond to my message. I really don’t think that Christopher Dodd cares even remotely what the residents of Connecticut think, except every 6th year. He has always come off like an arogant elitist, in my opinion.

    How can we contact Mr. Simmons and offer our support.

    Let’s make 2010 the year that Mr. Dodd is removed from the Senate by the electorate. Isn’t it time that he form his lobbying firm and continue to stuff his pockets? He was probably eyeballing a sweet deal at Freddie Mac before the meltdown.


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