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Kara and I grabbed Valentine’s Day dinner at a true Connecticut treasure:  the Griswold Inn in Essex, known to locals as “the Gris,”  pronounced with a “z.”  We sat in the far right hand corner of this picture.   This place reminds me of the Cooke House in Newport, and harkens back to a bygone era.

It first opened back in 1776, and is full of amazing artifacts and nautical artwork.  Check out the ceiling in the tavern, made of old canvas or leather.  The food is old New England.  Kara had the Yankee pot roast and I had the Indian pudding…just like the Pilgrims ate.

It’s only 40 miles from Hartford and we even ran into our  friends Jay and India Liddell who also made the trek down to the Gris.

Essex is always a great place to visit and the Gris never disappoints.

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  1. The Gris is definitely a great restaurant, tons of atmosphere. Check it out during the Christmas holidays. The waitstaff is dressed in period attire and on weekends they have strolling minstrels singing carols tableside, it’s very festive. An enjoyable stroll on Main St. where you will find art galleries and quaint shops nestled among the historic houses nicely rounds out your visit to Essex.


  2. Dennis, we love the Griswold Inn. I met my husband at the Gris. We met via the internet and had agreed to our first meeting – lunch – at the Griswold Inn. On February 24th it will be the 13 years since that first meeting there. It was a wonderful lunch and a fun day in Essex. Many times after that, we had lunches and brunches there. It really reminds us of old New England. Thanks for sharing. All the best to you and Kara.


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