This Week on Face the State

This week on Face the State we discuss the history making vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, now the new phenomenon in campaign ’08.

We are joined by radio talk show host Jim Vicevich, columnist Susan Campbell and State Rep. Penny Bacchiochi. 

We also ask:   Would Governor Rell have been a better choice?

                       What about Hillary Clinton?   Does she secretly hope Obama loses so she can pursue that presidential dream in 2012?  

                Watch this Sunday at 11AM.

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  1. There is far too much sensational coverage about the personal details of candidates lives and far too little coverage of where they stand on the issues. Palin is clearly very far to the right and THAT is what scares me if she were to be elected. If something were to happen to McCain a Palin presidency would be a disaster.

    She is the darling of the right after her acceptance speech. Let’s hope that voters wake up before the election. We can’t be fooled a third time without dire results.


  2. What I am struck by is how little research your guests have done with regard to Sarah Palin.

    Sarah Palin has taken on corruption in Alaska not in the opposite party but her own. It is not surprising that Susan Hammill, a columnist for he Hartford Courant, which leans heavily left, chooses not to know what Palin has done.

    Sexist? Obama National Finance Chairman Howard Gutman inferred Palin is a bad mother for not staying home.

    Dr. John Kanca


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