I’m back!!

I’m back after a few weeks of R & R to end the summer.   We totally lucked out with weather, with only one day of rain.

We didn’t have cable television, or the internet, and Kara and I simply relaxed with our daughter.   We saw her grow before our eyes with new words and new accomplishments.

We didn’t watch much television except for the speeches at the Democratic National Convention…..and the breaking news on Friday morning that Sarah Palin had been tapped to be John McCain’s running mate.   

The journalist in me loved the story.   I watched reporters on the morning shows wonder if the choice was Tim Pawlenty or Mitt Romney, and then mentioned that a plane from Anchorage had flown into Dayton.    My gut told me then the choice was Palin.

I told Denise and Kara earlier this summer that she was a dark horse but I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to be chosen.  

Anyway, it great was watch the reporters update the story through the morning.   It was journalism drama!

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