Connecticut wildlife

Bears, a Big Mayor’s Race and Period Poverty

They are becoming as common as squirrels, okay maybe that is an exaggeration, but more and more people in Connecticut are seeing bears in tbeir yards, and this week, someone saw one in their kitchen. Yes, the place where you cook and eat with your family and assume it to be a safe haven.

Sunday morning at 10 on This Week in Connecticut we will go in depth about the bear issue and talk with West Hartford Police Chief Vernon Riddick and DEEP Commissioner Katie Dykes. You may be surprised by what they say.

Also Sunday we talk with the embattled mayor of scandal plagued West Haven. Will Nancy Rossi run for reelection>

Plus we meet the amazing women behind a remarkable organization that was born in Hartford and now has 59 chapters in 25 states, Dignity Grows. Jessica Zachs, Jennifer Tolman and their team of volunteers are tackling period poverty. What’s that? It is about feminine hygiene products. It’s a fascinating interview.

We also remember Peter Good, the creator of the Hartford Whalers logo, who died this week.

Join us Sunday at 10 on WTNH.

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