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The 2020 Christmas Tree

Uncle Stuart Sundlun accompanied us this year for the annual House Family Christmas tree adventure

Like many of you weary of 2020, the House family decided we needed a little Christmas spirit as soon as possible after Thanksgiving. Our tradition mandates we travel to Dzen Tree Farm in South Windsor, where Kara and I first got a tree way back in 2001 before marriage and kids. It was during a snow storm and we had a blast.

The kids look forward to walking the hills of the Dzen farm and looking for the perfect tree: not too tall and nice and full. Oh, and when I say “got” our tree, I mean we cut it down. As Julian gets older, he gets more skilled at being the family chopper. This year, Kara’s brother “Uncle Stuart” was here, and this New Yorker got his first taste of an experience that means so much to us.

Proprietor John Dzen loves to impart some tree wisdom and the kids always listen intently. Usually it is a factoid about the reindeer that live there, or the story behind the giant Santa, or about the popcorn that John’s son grows nearby. This year we learned the Dzens lost thousands of baby trees destined for Christmas 2027-28 died due to the drought this past summer.

John loves to talk trees and all things Christmas

John also explained to our son how he loved scraggly trees as a kid, so of course Julian fell in love with this one.

Masks are required this year as you are near people along with social distancing protocols. Even Santa is wearing one.

We loaded the tree onto the top of our Buick “Estate Wagon” and headed home for decorating. From Kara, Helena and Julian and me, we sent heartfelt holiday wishes to you and your family, no matter what your traditions are, and it is never too late to begin new ones!

Past visits to Dzen’s:

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  1. What a wonderful Family tradition! We did that for years on the Saturday after Thanksgiving with 2 families from New York! We met at the Christmas Tree Farm in Shelton, CT where we first would have a “tailgate lunch”! Then we would hike to find the perfect Christmas Tree to cut down. Our families met annually no matter what the weather forecast & it was so much fun…LOL every year!!

    We ourselves also annually picked blueberries at Dzen Farm in S Windsor & still pick blueberries to freeze all year but now in PA where we moved near one of our kids & his super family.

    Keep building the great Family memories! I don’t know if my first reply went through!!



  2. Happy Holidays to the House falmily.Miss seeing you on the news every nite & of course DENISE.


  3. Love all the Zen photos…and love their trees. We went every year too till both sons were on their own and one married….they now have the tradition with their children. We do a smaller pre-lit tree…..easier on the old bones. I think you will get a chuckle of the year my son (maybe 3 yrs. ago) went with his daughter and wife…tied the tree to the top of the car….and then couldn’t get in the door….LOL..they had ..gone through the opened windows with the rope…never thinking about not being able to open the door, .so they managed just enough of an opening at the driver’s size
    Not easy to get to the backseat, took photos to remember a fun day!


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