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Blumenthal Open to Becoming Clinton’s Attorney General


Senator Richard Blumenthal is running for re-election for a second term as Connecticut’s senior senator, but what if his Yale Law School buddy Hillary Clinton is elected president? On Face the State Sunday on WFSB, I asked Blumenthal if Clinton called on him to be her Attorney General, would he accept?

“I’d say I have to think about it.”

Blumenthal told me it would be a challenging job, and while he expects Clinton to be elected, he wasn’t going to speculate. One would think the former Connecticut Attorney General would be at the top of Clinton’s list, considering their history, his experience, and his loyalty. Blumenthal was one of the few Democrats in Connecticut who supported Clinton in her first run for president in 2008, while most of the delegation and state officials spurned her for Barack Obama.

Earlier this month on Face the State Senator Chris Murphy told me if Clinton asked him who should she pick for AG it would be Blumenthal.

No one knows the law better…..and is fair and impartial.

We talked about the work he’s done lately on epipens, concussions, and Zika and then discussed the Democratic nominee and this week’s revelations about the Clinton Foundation. Blumenthal defended Clinton and the foundation, but does he agree with his colleague Senator Lindsey Graham that a special prosecutor should be appointed?

“We need to learn more about the specifics about the allegations, I know very little about what the ties may have been. The Clinton Foundation has done tremendous good around the world and Hillary Clinton did a great job as secretary of state. I need to know more about the specifics which so far are fairly vague, and there’s been a lot of pushback on them so I think we are far from a special prosecutor at this point.”

Watch Senator Blumenthal right here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/12687309/us-senator-blumenthal-is-up-for-re-election

Also on the program we discussed the latest on the Hartford Yard Goats stadium saga with I. Charles Mathews, the chairman of the Hartford Stadium Authority.

Watch Chairman Mathews right here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/12687327/hartford-stadium-authority-weighs-in-on-dunkin-donuts-park-saga


Our flashback takes us back to 1991, the summer of the income tax, and an historic address by then Governor Lowell Weicker.
Watch the flashback here” http://www.wfsb.com/clip/12687337/former-gov-weicker-speech-on-states-income-tax


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  1. This sound like it will be a good sit down Dennis…I’ve been so busy lately with my twin grandson’s. It’s time to get back into my Sunday program ‘Face the State”….


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