New Details on the Hartford Ballpark


In just under fourteen months, baseball will be played in downtown Hartford. The new minor league ballpark, the centerpiece of a massive development in the Downtown North section of town, will be ready to go by April 2016. That’s the word of the mayor, the city council president, and the team owner.


In an interview that aired on Face the State this past Sunday at 11 AM on WFSB, Mayor Pedro Segarra, City Council President Shawn Wooden and New Britain Rock Cats owner Josh Solomon, talked about the project, for which groundbreaking was held this week.

The trio also talked about the new contest to name the team, and you add your suggestion right here: http://www.hartfordplaysball2016.com/

Whatever the name may be, I vote the colors be Hartford Whalers green and blue. Is there really another color scheme symbolizes the capital city any better than that combo? You know there will be fans in the stands of the ballpark wearing Whalers gear, so why not match them!


Watch the segment here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=11159351

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  1. Now all UConn sports teams wear Red, White, and Blue, as well as the Wolf Pack, and since the XL Center’s color scheme also seems to have become Red, White, and blue why not extend that to the baseball team? Hartford’s first professional team was the Hartford Dark Blues of the National Association of Base Ball Players as well as the National League, and their colors were Blue and Silver. Hartford’s second professional team was the Hartford Blues of the NFL, and their colors were Blue and White. Hartford had many baseball teams from 1874 to 1952, and those teams wore combinations of Red, White, and Blue. So, I think Hartford’s colors were Red, White and Blue long before anyone else showed up.

    Also, the team is now affiliated with the Colorado Rockies and they wear Purple, Black, and White. We all know how to make Purple, you add Red and Blue. I also think we should honor those old teams by using their colors, and we should pay homage to Hartford’s first team. I think it would be really great if we can keep the canine theme going with the Huskies and the Wolf Pack. My friends and I talked about it and think it would be perfect if the team was called the Blue Hounds with their colors being Red, White, and Blue.


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