Want a Picture with the President?

John F. Kennedy

A picture with a U.S. president is a great memento to have on your mantel or hanging in your office but it’s not easy to get. The trendy thing to do these days is pose for an awkward selfie like this guy.


It’s a little more dignified if you can  get invited to a White House party like what happened to the star of the Rocky films in the 1980s.


You can intern at the White House like Kara Sundlun did and hope that the president is nearby for a quick photo op. As Kara will tell you, she rarely saw President Clinton during her internship, perhaps because he was busy with another college student interning at the same time with the initials M.L. karaclinton.jpg

Still,  many write a check to have a picture taken with the president. Seriously. Political fundraisers charge big bucks to pose with the commander-in-chief. Today, President Obama will be here in New England to headline a party at this mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.


Check out the invitation. That is one expensive photograph.



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