A Family Political Dynasty in the Making?


Thanksgiving in the Klarides family was a special one this year, as three members are now elected officials. The most well known of the Klarides clan is Themis, a state representative and now co-chair of the state Republican party. Her sister Nicole Klarides-Ditria was just re-elected as deputy first selectman in Seymour and the matriarch was elected to the Seymour board of education. Theodora Klarides was sworn in by her daughter, one of the highest ranking women at the state capitol.

I’m not sure if any other Connecticut families have this many relatives elected to office, but if you hear of any, let me know.

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  1. Dynasty…now if only they were good people! I sat with them at a large dinner function. Themis and Nicole were two of the cattiest, most self absorbed people that I have ever met. I’m a Republican and I am embarrassed to call them my representatives.


  2. That’s great, Rod! They and the Klarides family deserve our admiration, thanks and congrats!!!
    Frank, from VA.


  3. How about the Ayala family in Bridgeport? They are attempting to start a political dynasty. Thankfully, it’s starting to sputter thanks to their own hanky-panky and behavioral issues.


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