Foley Face the State Fallout


Tom Foley’s appearance on Face the State this past Sunday continues to make news a week later. It’s clear what he had to say about Governor Malloy has changed the early course of the race for governor.

Several newspaper editorials have harshly criticized Foley, whom in the most recent polls, was in a pretty good position to take on Governor Malloy in 2014. Foley has defended his comments in subsequent radio, television and newspaper interviews, and Democrats have piled on, demanding he release records from an arrest more than 30 years ago.

Republicans are piling on too. Foley’s 2010 running mate Mark Boughton, who is also exploring a run for governor, has sent snippets of Foley’s unfavorable media coverage to his supporters. Former Governor John Rowland told his radio listeners Foley made a huge blunder.

So what’s next? Has Foley hurt his chances of a rematch? What about the claims Foley made? We’ll discuss that this Sunday morning on Face the State with a panel of experts: one of the state’s premier political minds, Rick Green of the Hartford Courant, public relations maven and former news anchor Ann Baldwin of Baldwin Media and Marketing, and former state Republican party chairman Chris DePino.

FACE PANEL (2).jpg

Chris also makes an appearance in our flashback, which looks back at Barbara Kennelly’s kickoff for governor in 1997. Tune in this Sunday at 11 for Face the State.

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  1. MR. Foley, Have you forgotten what state your in. Besides being in the state of confusion, you are also in a BLUE state. What this means is when you bring such accusations against a Democratic, You should have the facts in hand to substantiate your claims. Note to republicans: You will NEVER gain any ground in this state if your leaders keep shooting themselves in the foot every time they open there mouth.


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