Testy Shays Confident of Primary Victory

Former Congressman Christopher Shays is predicting a surprise victory over Linda McMahon on primary night, despite being at a disadvantage in the polls and in the cash department.      During a taping of Face the State set to air Sunday,  Shays said when Republicans vote on August 14th, they will choose him because he says he is the only one who can win.    

Shays dropped his Hugh Hefner line again and took a swipe at McMahon’s career as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.  He also quoted a recent poll showing McMahon having a high disapproval rating.

At one point during the interview, Shays didn’t like my line of questioning about whether he will support McMahon should she win the primary.   He said he would vote for her.

DH:  Will it be difficult for you to go out there and then tell people to vote for her if you have already said she can’t win?

SHAYS:  I said I would vote for her.  But you know what, will you be asking her the same questions?  Spending the whole time asking if you lose, if you lose, if you lose?   

DH:  I certainly would ask her that question

SHAYS:  I think you won’t.  I think you’ll spend time talking about other issues.

Shays also told me the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee has told him if he beats McMahon, they will get him support and make this a national race.

You can watch the entire interview this Sunday morning at 11 on Channel 3.

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  1. Shays is on the money with Linda’s negatives. With 48% of college educated CT women voters finding Linda unfavorable after her spending almost a year and 10 million dollars to get that vote Linda is finished. Btw that’s without the Dem Superpac, the DSCC or Murphy spending any money pounding her for the post bankruptcy loan shark incident, her war on women and the disabled or her inability to do editorial board interviews. Good Luck CTGOP your gonna need it if you pick Linda in August.


  2. I would rather lose and have the Democrat win then to have a RINO good old boy in office. The Republicans had better wake up because alot of us are not going to play the “they will vote Republican so we do not have to listen to them” game.


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