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Denise D’Ascenzo Celebrates 26th Anniversary at WFSB

It was March 19, 1986 when Denise D’Ascenzo began her first day of work at Channel 3, coming to us from Cleveland.     No news anchor in Connecticut television has been on the air consecutively at the same station longer than Denise.    Meteorologist  Bruce DePrest has been here longer, but he is just  one of those weather guys!

I’ve known Denise since I first started in 1992, and we’ve been good friends ever since.    We’ve anchored some  big stories together, and never tire of discussing the news.   Back in the days of Broadcast House we had dinner together, and walked around the city between newscasts.    Even though we are serious journalists, we love to play jokes on each other,  laugh at stupid things (we never get tired of the movie “Dumb and Dumber,”) and honestly enjoy every day we come to work.    We’ll admit, work isn’t as much fun if one of us is off.

Here is Denise from December 1996,  announcing she is having a baby

In the spirit of teasing, (that is one of the hallmarks of our friendship,)  I will enthusiastically remind Denise that this anniversary means we  have employees at WFSB who were not even born when she started here!

Here is Denise’s cake from last year’s silver anniversary.   No cake for the 26th..she’ll have to wait for the 30th  for that.

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  1. In today’s environment where ratings are more important than talent, Denise’s anniversary is a breath of fresh air.


  2. I like hearing Denise D’Ascenzo , she seems like the best friend that I would want to have over for dinner , her warmth comes through the tv screen .


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