Malloy “Done With” with Rowland Radio Show

Don’t listen for Governor Malloy on “Church and State,” the afternoon radio show on WTIC AM 1080 co-hosted by former Governor John Rowland and Pastor Will Marotti.     During a taping of Face the State, I asked the governor about conversations he has had with his predecessors Rowland, Jodi Rell, and Lowell Weicker.   Governor Malloy said he hadn’t been on Rowland’s program lately, and “was pretty much done with that.  That’s not much of a news show, it is mostly what the governor wants to say and he’s got the right to say it, but I don’t have to participate in it.”   

Governor Malloy had been a guest on State and Church from time to time last year, but  steered clear of it after Rowland called him a “pathological liar,” a comment Rowland later apologized for.

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  1. Aaaah!!!! Poor baby Malloy can’t take criticism. You know what? Your part of public life, DEAL WITH IT IDIOT!


  2. Good for him. The show is pretty much a waste of time anyways. I get more out of 10 minutes of WNPR’s “Where We Live” than an hour of Rowland’s ‘discussions’. (also heads up, there is a typo in your post. I’m assuming it should be ‘later apologized for’, not ‘alter apologized for’)


  3. I can’t blame him either. I find it hard to believe how many people think John Rowland is so wonderful when he rags on state employees and he was the most fraudulent state worker who ever was employed by state government.
    As a state employee, I’m doing life for his greed and unethical behavior when he only did 11 months!


    • I’d rag on state employees ( if fact your MY employee) if you were caught trying to steal from us “ala DSS food program” too.. Of course I can tell you are not someone who actually listens to the program, because if you did you would know Gov. Rowland prefaces his remarks with support of the rank and file and his issues usually stem from the leadership in Hartford.


      • PS, he did his time, he repented. I love how the liberal mantra of “forgive and forget” is soon forgotten when it crosses the political Aisle.


  4. Malloy is a public figure and while he doesn’t have to go on Church and State it just shows how truly thinned skinned the governor is.


  5. I find it amusing that Governor Malloy isn’t thrilled with Church & State. It seems every time he is confronted with difficult issues from someone who doesn’t see thing his way we either get a stream of condescending side stepping or a “you don’t matter” attitude. But then again, I guess we can’t expect anything more coming from a government official who takes his cues from a president with the same play book. Wake up Connecticut.


    • I agree rdb! Progressives/Marxists such as Malloy & Obama all have that same nose up in the air, condescending attitude. Freedom, fiscal responsibility & respect for the Constitution & citizenry are beneath them.


  6. It is just in, Dannel Malloy signs the bill that banned 100 types of guns! It will make “Uncle” Alan Burton Hall happy (Hall is the hero originally from Connecticut)!


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