Famous people from Connecticut

“Morning Joe” on Face the State

Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough marveling over their Hartford Whalers hats

We are joined this week on Face the State by Channel 3 alumna Mika Brzezinski and her co-host on “Morning Joe,”  former Congressman Joe Scarborough.   The MSNBC duo stopped by our studios on their way to a fundraiser with Governor Malloy at the Hartford Public Library.   We talked politics, vodka, (yes, you read that correctly,) family, Mika’s WFSB career and her new book.    

Mika and Joe had to stop on their way to WFSB to run a quick errand:  get Joe a driver’s license at the  Department of Motor Vehicles because he is now one of us, a Connecticut resident!     When they arrived Mika was by greeted by plenty of old friends including Kara Sundlun,  Denise D’Ascenzo, and Al Terzi.    Our webmaster, Steve Yablonski was also thrilled to see the pair, because he got his start in  TV news as a Morning Joe intern.   The ageless Mika looked fantastic.    It was the first time I’d met Joe, and I’ll tell you…what an awesome guy, very down to earth.     

We have some vintage video and images of Mika during her Channel 3 years you can see right here: https://dennishouse.tv/2011/06/23/mika-brzezinski-at-wfsb-the-hartford-years/ Watch our interview with Joe and Mika right here:

part 1: http://www.wfsb.com/global/category.asp?c=208507&autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=6463118

part 2: http://www.wfsb.com/global/category.asp?c=208507&autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=6463135

Mika and Joe preparing for their Face the State taping with WFSB engineer Dave Chmielewski

wfsb.com webmaster and former Morning Joe intern Steve Yablonski

Joe Scarborough meeting the dean of Connecticut television news, Al Terzi

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  1. Good for Mika. And good for you for shouting Morning Joe, et al, out. MSNBC had a lot of tryouts after the Imus affair. They picked a good one. And Mika. I think she’s the best there is in that role


  2. @Terrence—exactly right! i mean, it just seems like people see her as this blonde, bubbleheaded babe and that she contributes 0% to the show (which is absurd) and she’s more than looks; she’s very smart and honest about her career experiences leading up to Morning Joe. i enjoy her smile on the screen and hope she keeps going with Morning Joe


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