The Frustrations of the Family Christmas Card

Two working parents, a 3 year old and a toddler, nap time,  a highly excitable cat, freezing weather, and unexpected events make for a difficult Christmas card.

Kara and I must have taken 50 pictures for our holiday card this year, and not one was perfect.   Some were blurry, all had either one child crying, looking the other way, picking her nose, making faces, or pulling the cat’s ear.    Red eye can be fixed, a finger in a nostril can not. 

In the end, we finally managed to come up with a card with three pictures: one of each of our children, and family one in the middle.  

Due to family birthdays, two out of town Thanksgivings, and  two out of town funerals we were starting the process a little late in the season.  Thanks to the good folks at the Camera Bar in downtown Hartford www.camerabar.com for getting our order done so quickly.   Ask for Richard Goldenthal and tell him I sent you.

Next year we will take a family picture in August!

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  1. Oh well! Such is life! Just remember, these are the good old days we will all reminisce about when the kids are older! I hope we get to see the card in its final version!


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