Senator-elect Blumenthal Talks Taking on Steroids

Our expectation for Face the State this weekend was to have both the new Governor-elect and Senator-elect as our guests.    Booking the latter was easy, but as you are well aware, there is no Governor-elect right now.  

Normally we tape the show on Thursday nights, but obviously we had to postpone taping because of the unsettled status of the governor’s race.   We pushed taping off until Friday.  We’re told there won’t be a resolution before Sunday morning, so Face the State shouldn’t have any dated information.   If there is a big change, we’ll do the show live. 

This is the third time this year Dick Blumenthal has appeared on “Face the State.”  In January he appeared as a freshly announced senate candidate.   In July, as an embattled candidate after attacks by his opponents.  Now he is here as Senator-elect. 

During the taping we talked about the bitterly fought race, I asked him about the lowest point of the campaign and his opponent Linda McMahon.   Interestingly, Blumenthal told me once in the senate,  one of his priorities he will work on cracking down on steroid abuse, and he explains why.

I’m also joined this Sunday by Mark Pazniokas of the Connecticut Mirror, with Duby McDowell and Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie providing analysis of the Governor’s race.  We also talk about 2012, and a potential three way senate race between  Linda McMahon, Ted Kennedy, Jr.,  and Senator Joe Lieberman.   That really would have the media salivating.

Whenever “Paz” is on we inevitably talk about our hometown of Norwood, Massachusetts.   We both grew up in this Boston suburb, reading the Norwood Times and going to the Cornelius Callahan School and walking on field trips to the long defunct Neponset Valley Farm,  which is now a string of car dealerships and restaurants on the famous Automile.     As we sat in the studio waiting  to tape we also both reminisced about our ridiculously hot red Mustang driving kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Paris.     Is it okay to say that?

We’ll see you this Sunday at 11AM.

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  1. Taking on steroid abuse as a priority??!! Dear lord, why can’t we elect someone in CT that will focus on our economy, debt reduction and employment? Steroids? These are all diversions from tackling head-on the problems that affect our nation. I can’t print what I’m thinking!


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