Malloy Apologizes for “Offending Anyone;” Foley Talks About Being Boring

This morning on our pre-election edition of Face the State we are joined by the two major candidates for Governor, Democrat Dan Malloy and Republican Tom Foley.

We talked about taxes, undecided voters, the ads accusing Foley of closing down a factory for personal profit, and a radio ad.

The campaign ad featuring the voice of Governor Rell on behalf of Republican Tom Foley contains a word I really don’t ever remember hearing in political advertising before:  “temperament.” 

“Tom Foley has the right temperament to be governor,” Rell tells radio listeners.

 By all accounts, it is a swipe at Democrat Dan Malloy, whose temperament in a televised debate led Foley to call him “Angry Dan.”     Hartford Courant columnist Rick Green  wrote about it here:   http://blogs.courant.com/rick_green/2010/10/the-malloy-v-foley-debate

During  a taping of Face the State I asked both Malloy and Foley about the temperament issue.    I also asked them to respond to a viewer who said “she was offended by Malloy, and found Foley to be boring.”   You can see their responses morning at 11.

We also have analysis of all the races from Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie who also writes the blog www.dailyructions.com

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  1. I look forward to their responses. The debates were a wonderful thing to see. If I did not know better I might have thought they were running for a different office.The one next to Vince ( lets get ready to rumble )


  2. Heres a ? that maybe Mr Foley or his followers may or may not answer…… He mentions that around 16.5 million waqs paid in management fees while he was the ceo of the B


  3. It is hard for me to understand how the Connecticut electorate could cast even ONE vote for Dannnel P. Malloy. This state just continues to amaze me. Keep taxing the rich, and when they all move out of state (because THEY can afford to) who will pay for all of the Democratic social programs?? Wake up Connecticut. Our current situation is not good. Time to get down to business at the MAIN STREET level and STOP feeding these multimillion dollar corporations with “incentives” when they don’t need them!!! There is only one candidate that has experience to get us out of our hell-hole. Please consider voting for Mr. Foley. He can’t be any worse than what we have now, that is for sure!!!


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