18 Years!

I started at WFSB 18 years ago today!     I didn’t appear on air for a few days before finally filing a report on poverty (above.)   By the way, I still have that rain jacket.  I spent the first few days learning my way around Broadcast House and getting tips from Denise along with Jim Vicevich, Duby McDowell, Gayle King, Janet Peckinpaugh and others.  Al was on Channel 8 in those days.   

Here’s to 18 more.

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  1. Congrats! And be glad you still fit into that rain jacket, unlike many others of us who can’t fit into the clothes we wore last year …


  2. Congrats Dennis! I have enjoyed watching you report from the field and in the studio these past 18 years. Heres to 18+ more!


  3. Dennis,
    That’s awesome. Did you think back then as a young pup that you’d have it all???? Great job, great family and great friends??
    Durelle, Middletown, CT


  4. Congratulations – you certainly are one of the brightest stars on WFSB3. People like yourself make Channel 3 A-1!!


  5. Just wanted to say congratulations on 18 years. It seems like yesterday my girlfriend was saying to me “Did you see that new hunk on channel 3, Dennis House?”

    You haven’t changed much in the last almost 2 decades! Rock on Dennis…may you have another 18 years!


  6. Dennis, congratulations on those 18 years and I remember that you would make it to the front of the camera’s ar the table to report the news onl a nightly basis with a great smile and personality. I remember when you went on the Oprah show as a bachelor my have times changed and for the better. You have a wonderful family. Bless you in all endeavors and another blessed 18 years of viewing you every day!!!


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