The New Voice of Face the State


Starting this Sunday a new voice will be heard during the open of  “Face the State.”   We figured since Katie Couric got a new announcer for “The CBS Evening News,” we had to get one, too. 

We could have used a former “Face the State” host, much like CBS did by using Walter Cronkite’s voice.     Our first choice would clearly have been Duby McDowell, who hosted the program during much of the 1990s.   Duby didn’t make the cut because she still appears on the program as a political analyst.   Duby, don’t be disappointed.  I am confident someday  you will join the ranks of Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman and other prominent folks who have lent their dulcet tones to the opens of various programs. 

Tune in this Sunday at 11AM and see if you can identify the new voice of “Face the State.”   At the end of the program we will broadcast the video of our new announcer tracking the show open. 

I’ll give you a hint:  he is a national,  well respected figure.   We are thrilled to have him and think he is a perfect fit for   “Face the State.”

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  1. The Hartfordite? Seriously? That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Did anyone sit down and think about that before you actually made the decision to go with it? Good work kids, keep it up!


  2. My hope and my vote goes to Jim Lehrer. Other than that I hope it’s a retired or semi-active news figure and not someone from politics or the entertainment industry.


  3. Carl Kasell would be a welcome voice for me! Especially as he is “retired” (yeah, right) from news announcing on NPR.


  4. Well, it wasn’t Carl Kasell, but for my money Bob Schieffer is just as good! Bravo Dennis and the Channel 3 news staff.


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