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The Ranger Andy Show


As Channel 3 prepares to celebrate its 60th birthday, I’d like to track down some people who were on the television station back in the early years.

The pictures below are from the Ranger Andy Show, a children’s program that ran in the afternoons from 1957 to 1968. The film we have is undated, but looks to be late 50s, early 60s to me. The Cub Scouts are from West Hartford, but I’m not sure about the other kids. Some of the images come from our studios, and some from location shoots at the Newington Children’s Hospital, and the New Haven Children’s Hospital.

If you are in any of the pictures, or know someone who is, please let me know. Thanks!


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  1. when i was younger i was on the ranger station program with my sister i belive it was on in the 1970’s

    • everett… 70’s? Me thinks you were smoking that old ‘whacky-tobaccy’… Or your still trippin dude..

  2. I was on Ranger Andy with my brownie troop in the 60’s . If I remember correctly I was about 7 or 8 yrs old. Think we were all squeezed onto bleachers. I remember the microphone in the air , over my head. I was nervous because I had to say my name!
    It was very exciting at the time!

  3. I was on the show, I think I was around 6 or 7. That was back in the 60’s. I remember telling him it was my birthday even thought it was not…lol. I seem to remember that at the end of the show they gave out Hostess treats(which at the time were made in East Hartford as there was a bread and snack cake baking facility there).

  4. I when with my sister in the sixty n I would like to see some old films of Ranger Andy show. Where can I see them on YouTube?

  5. My next oldest brother and I were on the show in the mid-60s. It was a surprise to see the actual set; the ranger station did not have four walls! Another surprise was finding out that Ranger Andy was on vacation–the show was hosted by Brad Davis that day. Nevertheless, it was an exciting experience to be on TV and those Hostess Cupcakes topped off the day!

  6. I was on when I was a kid — probably ’67 or ’68. Pretty much everyone who grew up here in the 60s was on at some point. IIRC, it was after Andy had died and it had transitioned to The Ranger Station. I remember entering Broadcast House through the first floor entrance and lining up in the hallway to wait to go into the studio (this area had been transformed into the weather center during the final years of Broadcast House’s life). I had no concept of multiple studios in those days, so I don’t know if it was in A or B (I’ve always been curious about that). Assume one was used for news and one for The Ranger Station back then. We sat on bleachers and all got to say our names on TV as the boom mic moved from kid to kid. Even though they told us NOT to look up at the mic when it was our turn, pretty much everyone did. They showed cartoons on the show, so for this they wheeled out a monitor so we could watch them as people saw them at home. I remember this was the first time I’d ever seen a color TV.

    • Wonderful memories of the Ranger Andy show. Thank you for sharing…
      My memories of Broadcast House come from the years my father worked for WTIC. He retired in 1977 after serving many years there, beginning with WTIC radio, then moving over to TV. I can remember running around Broadcast House as a child, up until I entered college. I also loved going out in the field with my dad during the GHO tournaments. He retired as Chief Technical Engineer.

  7. Hi my name is Leslie Girand my father was Joe Girand. My sister Bridget and I were always on the show in the late 60’s

  8. Hi Dennis my sister and I were on the show during the ’60s. I absolutely loved Ranger Andy because he played the guitar and sang. Later I took guitar lessons in part because of Ranger Andy. I think our mom was even more excited that my sister and Iwere onTV — remembering that she did not grow up with that technology. My memory of the show is they he played a song and the children were supposed to turn to the right then left and I turned in an opposite direction not really knowing the difference. We have a pix but I would need to hunt for it.

  9. Myself and 2 of my cousins were on in 1966. We had on cowboy hats. If you ever come across more pictures, please share!
    Thank you

  10. I have an original copy of the 33rpm vinyl record if that is of any interest to you. The record is in pretty good shape, and it is certainly playable. The guitar and vocals are by Charles Kaman, who was a friend of my aunt and uncle. My cousin and I were on the show, but we are not in any of your photographs. Chas Kaman and my uncle worked on helicopters together, particularly in the area of developing new plastics to limit rotor vibration. Kaman went on to found Ovation Guitars, based on his early experiments in plastic and sonic vibration.

  11. I was on the ranger andy show in 1963,my mom was abrownie leader and my 2 sisters and the brownie troop and I was on,we were supposed to be on the day JFK got shot,we didnt know anything til we got to channel3,there was no radio in the car at the time,so it was resheduled , we had an awsome time. Susan Sochon Torrington,Ct

  12. Yup. My brownie troop was on in the 60s and did a skit about litterbugs. Dressed up in cardboard boxes and as trash cans to raise awareness about how littering was bad.

  13. Yes, I was on the show. My mom and aunt drove from Bristol to Hartford for the day of the big event in the early 60’s. We rode up the elevator with a very distinguished looking, mustached, gentleman who directed us to “the studio.” My mom and aunt, but especially my mom was enamored with this fine looking gentleman, who I learned later was Bob Ellsworth.
    And then onto the live Ranger Station, even though the “forest” outside the Ranger station door was a slide projected on the wall and not the real thing. It did not lessen the experience of saying your name and being a minor celebrity on live TV, albeit for one half hour. Songs, stories, the “song that never ends”…all TV images came to life, especially Ranger Andy himself. I distinctly remember after the show, all of us kids got a gift to take home, all believing it would be a full size candy bar! But no, it was a gift from whomever the sponsor of the day was. And we got what every 12-13 kid wanted, a bottle of Lestoil! Why do I remember that so vividly? For one, slight disappointment, and two, one of the kids dropped and broke the bottle in the elevator going down. Pleasant, clean elevator smell all the way down. But to this day, I still have a Ranger Andy album, yes album and remember feeling sad when, in college, I heard that he had passed away.

    As an aside, the show is featured in Wally Lamb’s novella, “Wishin’ and Hopin’, and the movie by the same name by Synthetic Cinema International out of Rocky Hill. (I made it as an extra in the movie as well!) The movie has been shown on Lifetime and is shown at the Garde Theater in New London every Christmas season for the past 3 years. Fun movie about the early 60’s and features quite a cast of kids and adults.

    P.S. Wally Lamb also was on the Ranger Andy show.

  14. yes, a couple of times in the early/mid 60’s with neighborhood after-school group, then Brownie Troop. RA gave the kids something at the end of the show??can’t remember what it was.

    Also, how about photos from the Brad Davis Show, teen dance, that was on in the early 70’s?

  15. Dennis, I didn’t get to be on the show. However, I did see the set in 1962, not long after Channel 3 moved into Broadcast House. It was on first (ground) floor. If you entered the main floor lobby, just past reception was a hallway that was parallel with the street from which you entered. At the far corner and to the right was a large TV studio. It may have been the only TV studio. Just as you entered that studio on the immediate left was the Ranger Station set. The only other time I was in the building I entered from the Plaza level. It was an impressive building. This may not be of help but I thought I’d pass it along to you anyway. BTW, when the stations were in the Grove Street building TV was in a converted storage room. I have somewhere a floor plan – perhaps two – that the late Floyd Richards drew for me. It showed the studio-control room arrangements pre- and post-TV. I’ll scan and email it if I can locate it. It was very impressive, inasmuch as I never got to see the Grove Street studios.

  16. Hi, in one of the pictures it looks like the back of my older brother and also my twin brothers heads. We actually made the newspaper for all 4 kids in my family plus our cousins being on the show. I don’t know the year, but it was the summer. Probably around 67. I have the article from the paper if you would like it.

  17. When I was in second grade or thereabouts, which would put it around 1965, Steven Stolman (who is now a famous fashion designer) celebrated his birthday party on the Ranger Andy Show. I remember all the usual stuff, like the overhead microphone, the incomplete soundstage, and the Hostess snacks afterward, but I remember a few other tidbits. I recall one of the cameramen saying something like “ok Andy, we’re ready to go,” and then when we all said goodbye at the end, I asked him if his real name was Andy. He laughed and said, “It sure is, it’s Andy Andrews!”

    For those who are interested, there’s great stuff about Orville “Andy” Andrews on the Ranger Andy Show page on Facebook. You can see pictures of him when he was a radio entertainer (part of a troupe with members such as Morey Amsterdam), follow links to some of his early recordings, and even see news clippings about his wedding and family members. Not for everyone, but great stuff if you’re a history nerd.

  18. I was on the show with my aunts brownie troop. I was six years old. I remember I sat in the front row. On that day, they had someone come in and show us how to brush our teeth. They had a big set of teeth. After they had finished taping, I wandered off behind the curtain and saw the teeth on a stand. Afraid of getting in trouble, I quickly went back to where I was supposed to be.

  19. I was on the program twice in the late 60’s. Once for my birthday and the other was for a friend’s birthday. I remember speaking to him on the show…good times!

  20. I would like to know if there is a way to find any pictures or video of the show……my brother and I were on the show in the late 60’s , early 70’s and would love to show my daughter what her dad and uncle looked like

  21. My husband and I were both on the show back in the day. I know my husband carried in the mailbag. I still have my postcard that he handed out.

  22. I was on the Ranger Andy show in 1961, on my 10th birthday. That merited a special handshake from Andy. We also had a bonus when they recorded tests with 2 people that they were trying out for other shoes.

  23. I wish you could find the photos of the show I was on. It was such a thrill, I was invited by ranger andy to come up and draw on an easel with a large magic marker of the story he was reading to the group along with two other kids. When he was done he asked each of us why we drew what we did. Well, mine was of trees and a few sheep walking (of coarse i was too little to gauge and drew them walking upward), so i looked atn it and yold him mine were wslking to heaven….everyone laughed and i was so thrilled. He was so terrific and ud love to have a photo to show my daughter’s so they could see a piece of one of the most exciting days of my life. (I attended with my friend Paul a saltojanes, as her guest, it was her birthday present from her folks).

  24. I was surprised to see the photo of the boy in traction
    That is me in late 1957 or 1958 before I got my braces .I was at Newington Children’s hospital from Nov. Of 1957 to Feb. 1960.
    I would like to have a copy of this.
    THANK you!! Philip Parcak

  25. I remember being on TV when my mom and I lived on Farmington Avenue back in the 60s. I think I was in the Brownies at the time.
    Anita Pannell Kaiser

  26. I was on, I believe in 1969 (I was 4), tagging along with my sister’s brownie troop. He asked if anyone knew who the President of the United States was. I proudly raised my hand and was excited when he called on me. I said ‘George Washington!’

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