Flashback: Weicker Vetoes Larson “Income Tax Free” Budget


25 years ago this month, there was a budget battle brewing at the Connecticut State Capitol. Governor Lowell Weicker wanted a budget with an income tax, but there was fierce opposition to it.

In Sunday’s Face the State flashback, watch this report from May 1991, when Weicker refused to sign a budget from Senate President John Larson. http://www.wfsb.com/clip/12432893/2016-marks-silver-anniversary-of-ct-income-tax

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  1. And CT has never recovered. Twenty five years of negligible economic growth have followed. Someone said while campaigning that given the condition of CT’s economy that implementing an income tax would be like “putting gasoline on a fire”. That was about the only thing Lowell Weicker Jr. had right.


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