WFSB & WFSB history

A Memorable Moment in WFSB History


Thirty years ago this week, long time WFSB weatherman Hilton Kaderli delivered a report that it is still etched into the memories of many Channel 3 viewers.

Hilton was atop Mount Washington in New Hampshire working at the observatory on a special report for Eyewitness News.  Winds were gusting at 100 miles per hour and the temperature was well below zero, so he decided to file a report on the fierce weather.   He recorded some lines on camera, then decided to shoot a second version.

Hilton recounted to  Deborah Petersen Swift of the Hartford Courant  what happened next

His head and face covered by a hood, a mask and goggles, Kaderli redid the take and began to sign off.

“Hilton Kaderli reporting for Channel 3 Eyewitness News — ” he began before the wind sent him teetering on one foot, then toppling onto his backside. From the ground, microphone in hand, sliding across the platform, Kaderli finished his report, “arghhhhhhhhh — from atop Mount Washington.”

He grabbed a table attached to the platform to stop himself. The last words viewers heard, after a series of grunts, was Kaderli shouting, “I got it.”




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