Hillary, Hartford & a Homecoming


It seems every day there is a new development in the Hillary Clinton email controversy.  Almost every major Democrat in Connecticut including the governor and both of Connecticut’s U.S. Senators have endorsed the former Secretary of State, so there is tremendous interest in the story.  The revelations have contributed to a dramatic increase in the number of people who think Clinton is dishonest and untrustworthy.image

Sunday on Face the State at 11AM on WFSB, we discussed  the  impact the FBI investigation is having on Clinton’s campaign with two former state party chairmen, Ed Marcus for the Democrats and Chris DePino for the Republicans.  We also got their take on a potential run for governor in 2018 by Joe Scarborough, the host of Morning Joe on MSNBC, and they also talked about races for mayor in Bridgeport and Hartford.

“I’m very excited about Java Joe for governor of Connecticut,” DePino said.  “He has crossover appeal and would get women and urban voters.”  DePino called it “pretty close” to an endorsement.

watch the segment right here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11763010/ct-politicos-discuss-clinton-fbi-investigation


Speaking of Hartford, we were also joined by Democrat Luke Bronin, who won the party’s endorsement in his battle with Mayor Pedro Segarra.  He talked about his plan, the mayor’s record (Bronin gave him a C grade) and his own future   He committed to serving a full four year term if elected.  Watch the interview here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11762997/luke-bronin-gears-up-for-hartford-mayoral-election


Our flashback takes us back to 2004, when former President Jimmy Carter visited Naval Station New London,the Groton sub base where more than a half century earlier trained for World War II.  The report that day was filed by Eric Parker. Watch that here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11763107/flashback-to-when-jimmy-carter-came-to-ct


See you at 11.

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  1. Hillary is fine. It is republicans that are making the charges and the foolish press is chasing cars like dogs, once again. The republicans spent millions in tax payer dollars trying to prove her guilty of something in the 90s. Just look back and find the truth. They are afraid of her, so they keep the lies going. Do not help them.


  2. Petraeus did less harm then she did and look what happened to him.. Why is she untouchable? I don’t trust her at all, she is dangerous. Not only has she done wrong, but she got away with it as well and now she knows she can.


  3. Of course she is untrustworthy. From being kicked off the Watergate investigation, through the pork belly scandals up through today’s theft of state secrets through an unsecured email server, it is all on a continuum and completely in character.

    The real question is, ‘what difference does it make?’

    Her supporters supported her through scandal after scandal believing in right wing conspiracies since the 1990’s. They support her though she charges 10x the tuition rate for most colleges just to speak there, speak as though she’s in touch with the working class.

    All we are doing in these reports is galvanizing those that consider honor and truth to matter on one side, and those that support charisma without character on the other.


  4. She is the epitomy of intelligence, truth and justice compared to all of those male morons who want to be the the Republican candidate.


    • “compared to all those male morons who want to be the republican candidate” may be an accurate assessment, but you ignore Senator Sanders, who polled 5 pts ahead of her in New Hampshire and continues to poll net favorably with voters, the ONLY candidate to do so. You can poo-poo polling at this early stage if you want, but all the candidates are gauged against the same metric so it does tell us something.

      And really, what is Clinton offering us? More war – her stewardship at State brought us the disastrous results of the “Arab Spring: and the Ukranaine coup. She is in favor of trade deals like the TPP that erode the sovereignty of not only the US, but all states in the agreement for the enrichment of multinational corporations. More neocon fdoreign policy, more neoliberal privatization of everything at home.

      And “male morons” exposes some bias on your part. What about Fiorina? Why do you categorically exclude her from the moron club by omission? The United States is ready for a woman presidient, but that person is neither Clinton nor Fiorina. Clinton is certainly intelligent, but she is not truthful and not just. She is the epitome of the the political system we have now – the one that works against our common interests.


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