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Welcome Mark Zinni

zinniWe have a new anchor joining us on the evening news on October 14th, Mark Zinni, most recently of WJW in Cleveland. The television business is a small one and it seems like there are six degrees of separation, or fewer with just about everyone.

The last person WFSB hired from WJW? Denise D’Ascenzo back in 1986, who still talks about her good old days in “the Cleve,” and can still recite the station’s Reagan-era jingle, “you sure look like a winner..” Coincidentally, when I was looking to move on from Michigan in 1992, I had two offers to choose from: Hartford and Cleveland.


Mark also worked at WPRI in Providence, where a few Channel 3 folks once toiled. Both Kara Sundlun (born in Ohio) and I were interns there at different years, and Irene O’Connor worked at the ABC station in Providence.  Robert Goulston also spent some time in Providence as a street reporter. Kara was actually put on the air at Channel 12 as a youth reporter (every intern’s dream,) but I just made coffee, ripped scripts and made a resume tape the contents of which are cringeworthy. Kara’s upcoming book “Finding Dad,” explains how she got her big break and ended up at the anchor desk.  Mark’s agent is Gary Brown, who was news director of WFSB about ten years ago.

Another coincidence? The couple Kara and I sold our brownstone to, ending up moving back to Cleveland recently and moved into the same building as, you guessed it, Mark Zinni. Check out the brownstone right here:



Mark Zinni will co-anchor Eyewitness News at 5:30 with Denise and we think he’ll fit right in. Like Denise and me, Mark is Italian and is also a product of Catholic school and we get the sense he shares that sense of humor that always got us a stern look from the nuns.

Welcome to Connecticut, Mark!

Watch some videos introducing Mark on the WFSB Facebook page:

Read More on my time at WPRI right here:

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  1. I will miss your smiling face on sat and sun but also your news reporting and the pic of ellie, God Bless you Mark in your next phase,and all that you do.


  2. Mark is Funny and talented… I remember seeing him play a guitar and singing on the AM newscast on WPRI. Looking forward to seeing him again on TV. GREAT addition… That’s why I watch Channel 3 for CT news! Can you get Elizabeth Hopkins too? !


  3. Irene worked at WLNE-TV in RI, not WPRI Dennis 🙂 Unless Irene doesn’t want to admit it 🙂


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