Republican Mayor Seeks Selfie with President Obama


Some Democrats have gone out of their way to avoid being seen in public with President Obama, but in Connecticut a rising star in the Republican party was hoping to get up close with the president for a lasting image with the commander-in-chief. New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart tweeted that she was hoping to take a selfie with the president when he visited her city. Mr. Obama appeared at Central Connecticut State University with Governor Dannel Malloy and other state Democrats, along with the governors of Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Mayor Stewart was in attendance and received a shoutout from the president, but she was not seated on the dais with the governors.


Stewart’s tweet came hours after a new Quinnipiac University poll showed President Obama with low approval ratings in our state. Only 45% of those polled approve of the job the president is doing, compared to 51% who disapprove, his worst polling ever here.

Stewart, 26, doesn’t have to worry about any backlash from Republican voters, at least not for a while. The freshman mayor is not up for re-election until 2015. On the flip side she might pick up some new Democrat supporters essential to winning in the Hardware City.

UPDATE: No selfie, but here is the picture from Mayor Stewart taken at the Obama event at CCSU. It seems she was close, but not close enough, and even longer arms wouldn’t have helped.


Speaking of pictures, check out these of some of your friends at Channel 3 and some other folks you might know: https://dennishouse.tv/2014/02/28/thank-you-for-a-great-50th-birthday/ and even more pictures here from Scot’s birthday party https://dennishouse.tv/2014/03/06/scot-haneys-birthday-bash/

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  1. Seriously? This is news worthy? Absolutely despicable and disgusting! How about making mention of the fact that CCSU alumnus were given no access to the event over the general public, nope “selfies” take priority.


      • How about no. How about the person above actually made a valid point and you’re only response is “Take a Midol.” Eff off, please. Nothing about this is news, nothing about this is important. This government is extremely flawed and articles, blogs, posts, etc. like THIS do not make it better.


  2. We did cover the ticket controversy on the news. This is just a blog a place for behind the scenes stories that don’t make the news on television. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Good for you guys for having some fun with it! This generation is used to “selfies” it’s a great way to get a younger crowd indefinately – thank you guys for keeping it “hip” and awesome photo. I don’t see a thing wrong. Politics is already a touchy subject…. let’s not make a big deal over a “selfie” let’s try to have some down to earth fun!


  4. @Really? – What’s despicable and disgusting? Please clarify. How many seats were available in the auditorium? How many CCSU alumni are there? Think it through and realize your desire for special treatment really wouldn’t allow for anyone who is not alumni to be there. Get over yourself and your 3rd rate diploma.


  5. Y do the Connecticut newscasters/reporters insist on the calling the President, Mr. Obama? U call Bush, former president bush!!! Lack of respect! If u look back on the about “news report” the newscaster/reporter called/printed Mr. Obama. SMH


  6. Woah Woah Woah…..Third rate diploma??? I am a CCSU Alumni and I have several of my own businesses and do well for myself. CCSU is a great State school.


  7. Who Gives A Rats RearEnd About Having Your
    Picture With Barry Soutoro Standing Behind You.
    I Would Not Think That It Would Make For A Good


  8. Stewart’s behavior is classic fame monger. I wonder if she shared with POTUS how she decimated the ACA Community Outreach program established at the City of New Britain’s Community Services dept? New Britain has over 12000 uninsured, but for “political” reasons Stewart slashed the program. She is a classless hypocrite!


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