Pride of Connecticut Spews Expletives on TV

On Tuesday at the Big Summer Night celebration with Arianna Huffington a the Connecticut Convention Center, many folks in the crowd were buzzing about Jonathan Quick, the native of Hamden and Milford who had just been named the NHL Stanley Cup MVP.     Governor Malloy, a big hockey fan, was quite proud and the town of Milford proclaimed June 14th Jonathan Quick day.     Congressman Chris Murphy tweeted kudos for the hometown hockey player.  Quick’s alma mater, Avon Old Farms,  had visions of the Stanley Cup coming to campus.     No doubt school officials and lawmakers were thrilled at the prospect of this star coming to Connecticut and speaking publicly.    

This morning they may be reconsidering.

Yesterday, in front of a crowd of 18,000 fans at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, with tens of thousand of people watching on television at home, Quick and his teammates basked in the glow of their tremendous accomplishment, and then Quick took the microphone.      The astonished crowd and the likely apoplectic management at Fox Sports watched as Quick uttered  variations of the “F” word three times. 

The story and the video are right here:


Reminds me of a story I wrote last year.   https://dennishouse.tv/2011/05/11/so-my-daughter-heard-the-f-word/

What do you think? 


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  1. To say it once may have been a slip of the tongue. Say it three times and you’re just defiant. But in his defense, the words may have come from to much partying the night before or perhaps no sleep.


  2. He’s an incredibly talented goalie, but not the guy you want making speeches on behalf of your team. Listen to the rest of his speech after the profanity, he sounds like a drunken fratboy trying to deliver a graduation speech.

    Bet the broadcasters have the tape-delay machine running next time.


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