Massachusetts Might Be Better Fit for a Senator Olbermann

It seems odd that someone, in this case a blogger at the Daily Kos,  would suggest former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann as a candidate for the senate here in Connecticut.   As just about everybody here knows, Olbermann loathes this state, and his disparaging remarks about the Constitution State would come back to haunt him in a campaign.  

Olbermann lived in Southington when he worked for ESPN back in the 1990s.  He left in 1997, the same year the state he criticized lost its NHL team, the Hartford Whalers.  

Various negative  comments about Bristol and the state have been attributed to Olbermann over the years.   Due to a health condition he doesn’t drive, and anybody who lives in Connecticut knows this is a car state, which probably let to his unhappiness during his time here.  Olbermann also complained about the lack of a cosmopolitan area here, at least compared to New York City. 

There are 33 states with senate races in 2012, perhaps Olbermann should jump into politics somewhere else than Connecticut.  Massachusetts, perhaps?     My guess is, he’d be happier in Boston than Bristol. 

I think the Hartford Courant’s Rick Green put it best:


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