Senator Lieberman to Retire

Eyewitness News has learned Senator Joe Lieberman will announce his retirement tomorrow.    According to two sources, the independent from Stamford will make the announcement in his hometown at 12:30PM.   The announcement will be carried live on WFSB.

One source told me friends and supporters are being urged to attend the announcement at the Stamford Marriott’s grand ballroom.     

The decision obviously came after a combination of research and soul searching.  A source told me as recently as last week, the Senator was testing the waters by calling local supporters and people who worked on his previous campaigns.     At the inaugural ball for Governor Dannel Malloy, Lieberman was shaking hands and being non-commital about seeking a 5th term, although he did tell at least one person that he was thinking about packing it in.     Two days earlier during a taping of “Face the State with Dennis House,” Lieberman told me had not made a decision about whether to run, but if he did he would run as an independent.  

I also have to wonder whether the shooting of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords played any role in Lieberman’s decision.    Just days before the attack, Lieberman came to our studios and the inaugural ball accompanied by a bodyguard.   

Lieberman’s announcement comes a little more than a year after Chris Dodd announced his retirement.  He too was facing a perilous re-election battle.

Stay tuned.

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    • What is there to love about Sue Bysiewicz? She switched from the Gov. race, saying it would be too hard, just to get into a better office for a potential Senator. She was rejected for that office handily by the Supreme Court. She maintained a database for nothing but political purposes. Oh, remember the painful deposition?

      She is nothing but pure ambition and has hung on far too long. She is liked only by the folks who aren’t paying attention.


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