Bysiewicz Polls Show her Beating Lieberman and Heavyweights Kennedy and McMahon

Former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz has become the first candidate in the 2012 race for the Connecticut seat currently held by independent Joe Lieberman.  She will file the papers later today.   Bysiewicz told me this morning she  enters the race for the U.S. Senate armed with internal polls that show her defeating Ted Kennedy, Junior and Linda McMahon. 

Bysiewicz says in the race for the Democratic nomination, the polling shows her ahead of Kennedy, the Branford attorney and businessman who is the emotional favorite among many Democrats in the state.    The poll also shows her ahead of Congressman Chris Murphy.  Congressman Joe Courtney was not included in the polling because his interest in the race was not expressed until recently.

Bysiewicz says the poll also shows her winning in a three way race with Senator Lieberman and a Republican, either McMahon or 2010 GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley.

In 2009, Bysiewicz was leading Dan Malloy and Ned Lamont in the race for governor, and at the time, the Quinnipiac poll showed her to be the only Democrat running close to then Governor Jodi Rell.  Rell later decided not to seek re-election.  Bysiewicz then decided to launch an ill-fated run for Attorney General. 

Here are the poll numbers from the Bysiewicz campaign:

The following is a summary of findings from a telephone survey conducted among700 registered voters in Connecticut.  This includes a sample of 400 registered voters who are likely to vote in the general election in November 2012 and 433 registered voters who are likely to vote in the Democratic primary election in August 2012.  Interviews were conducted December 13-16, 2010.  The sampling error for both surveys is plus or minus 4.9 percentage points.


Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz is in a strong position to become the next U.S. Senator from Connecticut.  She boasts a strong statewide job rating as Secretary of the State (58%-24%).  Moreover, Bysiewicz leads in both the general election and a Democratic primary.

She leads a general election match-up against U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman and Republican Linda McMahon (34%-30%-28%, respectively).  She also leads if the Republican nominee is Tom Foley (33%-29%-27%).  In a head-to-head race against Linda McMahon, Bysiewicz leads 54% to 36%.

Bysiewicz is also well positioned to win potential Democratic primary.  Not only is her job rating as Secretary of the State especially strong at 74% to 15%, but she leads a three-way Democratic primary against Congressman Chris Murphy and Ted Kennedy, Jr. (33%-26%-26%, respectively).   She also leads in a head-to-head against Murphy, 46% to 37%.

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  1. Can anyone imagine presenting Suzy B with a private poll that didn’t show her running fabulously well; and expecting to get paid?

    She’s not only seriously damaged goods, now the poor woman appears to have become delusional to boot!

    While it’s unknown why, it’s clear she continues to enjoy an increasingly shrinking field of supporters.
    Can’t one of you get her into some sort of 12 step program?


  2. My wife and I are seriously considering a move out of CT. We are both independents and the crush of Democratic rule and their oppressive views, taxes, and free-for-all spending makes us sick. They won’t cut spending, they keep wanting to raise our taxes on every little thing. They all voted for healthcare …what will that do 10-15 yrs down the road? Eliminate thousands of jobs and tax revenue from both the removal of insurance jobs and revenue generated by the insurance companies themselves…and don’t think that all of the small businesses won’t be hurt by this. They depend on large employers, its their clientel, their life-blood. Hartford will be the next Detroit! CT will go from a once prominent, national leader in the standard of living and per/cap income to a slum ridden social state. WTF people, wake up! Who the hell votes for these people??




  3. Susan is the BEST Democrat candidate for anything! Unqualified, incompetent and a formidable liar…..all the best the Democrats have to offer. Sounds like just what Connecticut is looking for.


  4. This lady is delusional if she thinks she would be a good candidate for Senator. She is an absolute moron and she proved that during the Governor election. If people vote for her they should lose all voting privileges.


  5. Her credibility is very low in my opinion. For someone who should have known better, she sure didn’t seem to have a clue about the qualifications necessary in her abortive attempt at Attorney General. She should have challenged the rules much sooner, with an eye toward a future run, than weakly saying that “I supervise lawyers” and that should qualify me! Please!!


  6. Well, first she wanted to run for Governor until she realized she would actually have to deal with a major problem. Then she decided she wanted to run for AG until she found out her own description of her legal duties sank her for that position. She never stated she would NOT run for Senator even if elected to one of the other positions. In my less than humble opinion, she should move to Massachusetts where they do not know her and run from there against Scott Brown. If she wins, she won’t be Connecticut’s problem and if she loses she won’t be Massachusetts’ problem!


  7. To Ryan – Leave. Leave early. Your silly regurgitation of uninformed talking points regard health care reform is telling, as is your focus on “small businesses” who appear to be the biggest tax scofflaws.

    I’d rather see Kennedy there, but we all know that Connecticut doesn’t want Linda McMahon, the woman who sent her toy creation jobs out of the country when she was CEO.

    So tired of right-leaning people threatening to leave. Go Galt already! Show some character.


    • This Stare will never learn. An idiot like Susan will get elected to the senate, because people here thinks she is great. I still don’t understand whats so great about her? She’s your typical tax and spend democrat. Were already over taxed as it is. Do we really need another tax and spender. And to the person who said small businesses are tax scalfows. Small businesses are closing in record numbers here. CT is dead last in job creation. .


  8. I really like her and can see past last years headlines. As a mother she brings a set of issues to the table that many other candidates don’t. She has my support.


  9. @Fatsean, if all of us right leaning taxpayers left, who would be left to pay for all of your social programs? Susie B is incompetent, unqualified, and a liar. She is just what the State of Connecticut wants in a Senator.


  10. Are you serious Suzy B trying to run. What does a Sec of state even remotley know about being a senator? By the way Len Besthoff is the man


  11. Dave, u mad? Care to discuss the points I made or is it just going to be insults because you hate Democrats so much? Or maybe you’ve got nothing…I dunno.


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